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Google Squared Case Study

Posted on April 13, 2021 by - Learning & Development



Squared was originally developed by Google in 2012 as a 6 week face to face immersive learning experience to help combat some of the challenges the media industry was facing around hiring, developing and retaining great digital talent.

Squared was designed to develop the digital leaders of the future by giving them a strategic overview of the digital landscape whilst simultaneously building their collaborative leadership skills. It has been incredibly successful and has since been launched in multiple markets globally with the biggest scale now being achieved via its online version Squared Online.

Google partnered with Home Learning College to develop and deliver this 5-month part-time version, taught fully online by leading industry experts to increase confidence and know-how in digital strategy, leadership and collaboration.

Since its launch in 2013, Squared Online has already helped 1000s of digital marketers and companies across the world develop their digital and leadership capabilities. Endorsed by the IPA, the IAB and NABS, students graduate with the Squared Online certificate in digital marketing.

Mark Howe, Managing Director, EMEA Agencies, Google confirms: “Google has had individual certifications and courses in its products before, but Squared represents a
significant development beyond that; one that has the potential to transform an entire industry.”

Why have you sought CPD Standards Accreditation?

It is important for Squared to gain accreditation from a recognised professional body that prospective students and corporate clients valued, not only to attract more students, but to continue its expansion into new markets.

Many of Squared students are members of professional bodies who want to use the
time they spend studying Squared Online as part of their professional development.
CPD Standard Accreditation provides that badge of quality, enabling them to
participate in a course that meets formal CPD requirements.

In 2015, Squared Online launched in Singapore, and CPD Standards Accreditation was highlighted as a critical factor for its success.

Claire Whittingham, Managing Director, Squared Online says: “We’re delighted to have collaborated with The CPD Standards Office on the adaptation and localisation
of the Squared Online APAC programme, and that their endorsement is held in the
highest regard by our future students.”

What was accredited and how?

Both the UK and APAC versions of Squared Online have been accredited.

How do you use your accreditation?

Square promote its CPD accreditation on its website as well as across its marketing

See the Squared Online website here:

Pitman Training Case Study

Posted on April 13, 2021 by - Learning & Development



Pitman Training is the UK’s leading independent training provider, helping the nation
transform careers and change lives through self-paced vocational training.

Revolutionising office skills since 1837, Pitman Training has a wealth of heritage
which underpins the foundations of its premium products. Specialists in PA, Microsoft Office, Business, Finance and IT skills training, Pitman Training offers a flexible approach to training for employment and has been trusted for generations which has enabled the provision of exceptional centre-based training for thousands of people every year throughout the UK and overseas

Why have you sought CPD Standards Accreditation?

Pitman Training is aimed at students, young professionals, mums returning to work, career switchers and career developers.

Pitman Training’s ethos is delivering training programmes that help to develop individual’s careers – long term. In this respect there is clear synergy with Pitman Training and CPD.
Claire Lister, Managing Director of Pitman Training Group commented:

  • “We sought out CPD Standards accreditation to add value to prospects and
    employers, as CPD is a hot topic, and we feel it should be inbuilt into the
    fundamentals of all companies in any sector of industry.”

What was accredited and how?

All of Pitman’s training products are CPD accredited – this includes courses, diplomas, awards and seminars. As a result we currently have a course badge which confirms all of our training programmes are fully accredited, and also a centre badge which authorises our centres.

Lister commented:

  • “We have received ongoing support and advice throughout our assessment.
    It was a pleasure working with the team at The CPD Standards Office whilst
    being assessed, and we look forward to continue working with them
    throughout our accreditation, and gaining more information on the CPD
    landscape and how to successfully operate within it.”

How do you use your accreditation?

Being accredited by The CPD Standards Office gives us a great talking point with our
prospects, as it is a sought after ‘stamp of approval’ which works in harmony with the kudos of the Pitman Training brand.

Pitman Training has a CPD Standard logo on all of its marketing material and has
introduced a section on the main website, which gives more information on CPD and
our accreditation.

Specialist Language Courses Case Study

Posted on April 13, 2021 by - Learning & Development



Specialist Language Courses (SLC) designs and facilitates complex technical – and business focused language programmes to an international market, focusing on courses where language skills make a critical difference to organisational and individual effectiveness.

As a consultancy SLC offers a ‘best of breed’ approach, working with specialist schools, inhouse training organisations and online language experts. We work with Business, Aviation, Oil & Gas, Maritime, Medicine, Law, Finance, and the Military sectors among others.

SLC works increasingly in online language training. This year, the company is releasing a suite of online Medical English courses for Nurses, Doctors, Health Care Assistants and Carers, and another focusing on the English for Health & Safety in the Oil & Gas industry. Courses will be both self-study and blended, using both online and classroom tuition

Why have you sought CPD Standards Accreditation?

SLC sought CPD Standards Accreditation for its recently launched course, Online English for Nurses: Getting the Essentials Right.

XX commented:

  • “We wanted to have the course externally and independently verified in order to
    demonstrate the quality of the course to potential learners and organisational
    purchasers, such as NHS Trusts, healthcare recruitment companies, private
    healthcare groups and medical universities.”

SLC also believed the accreditation would strengthen the marketability of its course as online technical English courses are not part of mainstream training as they are difficult to
create and relatively ‘niche’ in their appeal. They commented:

  • “Given the irregular shifts of healthcare professionals and how busy most are, we
    believe that an online training is the best way for international nurses to learn the
    English to communicate effectively in an English-speaking environment. We felt that
    having CPD Standards accreditation would give us greater authority when
    presenting the concept to individuals and organisations.”

SLC delegates are international nurses who are preparing to work, or who have recently
started to work in an English-speaking environment, including NHS Trusts, private hospitals,
primary care practices, and care homes. SLC commented on how they benefit from a CPD

  • “Nurses need to show that they have undertaken CPD-accredited activities as part of their re-validation process. For international nurses, taking our course shows a
    commitment to improving their communication skills in interactions with patients
    and other healthcare professionals.”

What was accredited and how?

SLC its first online Medical English course, ‘Online English for Nurses: Getting the Essentials
Right’ accredited. They commented:

  • “We are hoping to have our upcoming online Medical English courses for Health Care
    Assistants & Carers and for doctors accredited when they are launched this year.”

SLC benefitted from the assessment process through the advice to improve their course to a higher standard. They commented:

  • “We received some good advice, especially around course follow up and feedback,
    which we will integrate into the second iteration of the course. We are also
    developing a blended version of the course which we will make sure addresses the
    points raised around tutor support for online learning.”

How do you use your accreditation?

SLC promote the CPD Standards accreditation on their website and have a dedicated course page where the logo is found. The course is also promoted on marketing collateral used for networking opportunities. They commented:

  • “We have recently entered a series of partnerships with healthcare recruitment
    companies who are giving or offering the course to their international nursing
    candidates. In all cases, the fact that the course is CPD-accredited is a definite


What effect has the CPD Standards Office accreditation had on your business?

SLC believes the CPD Standards accreditation has given them stronger credibility in the
marketplace. They commented:

  • “For a new product in a relatively unchartered space, it has helped in forming partnerships
    and in opening up conversations with potential customers.

World of Learning Case Study

Posted on April 13, 2021 by - Learning & Development



World of Learning is a conference and exhibition bringing together senior-level
buyers and leading suppliers of learning and development (L&D) products, solutions
and advice.

An essential event for L&D professionals, World of Learning provides a unique forum
for professionals to develop their skills and update their knowledge.

For over 25 years the World of Learning has blended an evolving variety of
innovative exhibitors, a highly revered conference programme and immersive
feature areas to deliver the best quality for our audience.

Why have you sought CPD Standards Accreditation?

Adds professional credibility to our event: World of Learning Conference & Exhibition

What was accredited and how?

We received accreditation for our event: World of Learning Conference & Exhibition
2018 and have been carrying the CPDSO logo since 2013.

How do you use your accreditation?

We market our accreditation throughout our national marketing campaign which
includes press releases, emails to our database, solus eshots with our event partners,
across our social media channels, and our yearly magazine: Learning Magazine.

What effect has the CPD Standards Office accreditation had on your business?

Increased credibility and professionalism at the event. A higher standard of visitors is
attracted to the event because we are accredited by CPD.

National Association Awards Finalist

Posted on March 31, 2021 by - News

We are finalists!

The CPD Standards Office applied for the ‘Best COVID Response’ award with the National Association Awards and we have been selected as a finalist which is super exciting for all of us here at CPDSO!

Reaching the finals is an incredible achievement for us and a reflection on the commitment and hard work the CPDSO team have put in place for our members during the COVID-19 pandemic. The global uncertainty of the future has impacted everyone in different ways and our team being able to come together and support each other and our members has been very rewarding.

The National Association Awards aim to celebrate the hard work and success of associations, federations, chambers of commerce, societies and membership organisations across all sectors. These awards are for organisations to gain kudos and recognition for the hard work that they do and the success that these businesses have had.

The winner will be announced on Thursday 22nd of April at their awards ceremony and we hope all of our members will be cheering us on! Let’s go CPDSO!

A full list of the finalists for all of the awards is available here –

Skills Paying Bills in 2021

Posted on March 17, 2021 by - CPD Sectors>News

At the end of December 2020, 1.72 million people were out of work in the UK, an increase of 1.2% compared to September 2019. The job market is now more competitive than ever, with many seeking any type of work they can find to support themselves financially.

Rising numbers of professionals are now looking to up-skill into new industries and get back into work by changing careers. As the demand for upskilling increases, many individuals have now started sourcing training from companies that have a CPD accreditation. This guarantees the quality of the training and also ensures that CPD points are given to the individual upon completion.

But just what does the job market look like in the UK today? We analysed to find out which industries are hiring in the current environment and in which parts of the UK the most available jobs are.

Which Job Positions Are Most Available?

Few will be surprised that medical professionals are most in-demand, with 4.32% of all roles advertised on Glassdoor UK looking for a registered nurse. Pressure on the NHS is nothing new, but the pandemic has led to even more numbers of trained medical staff required to cope with COVID-19.

2.35% of jobs on offer are for janitorial staff. Despite many businesses being closed, those that are able to remain open need to address cleanliness and hygiene as a high priority in order to comply with government guidelines, meaning cleaning staff are in high demand.

Digital marketing representatives make up 1.97% of all open roles and marketing managers come in at 2%. With 85,000 businesses launching online stores since March 2020 and 75% of buyers and sellers preferring online stores, digital marketing appears to be a growth industry despite, or some may argue because of, the challenging economic times.

Schools have been intermittently closed over the last twelve months and this has left many parents with the tough challenge of having to look after their children while also working. A third of local authorities have reduced free childcare placements in the UK, meaning early years are also being denied free child care. Therefore, private childcare providers have had a hiring surge and nanny’s now make up 1.79% of open roles.

Private tutor jobs are also on the rise, with 1.48% of advertised roles on Glassdoor UK. Concerned parents are choosing to use these private educators to accommodate missed lessons from school.

Where Is The Highest Supply of Jobs?

The North / South divide when it comes to economic opportunity has been in the news again recently in the context of varying lockdown restrictions across the country. The data from Glassdoor did show a significant number of adverts were for jobs in London (27.85%), however, Northern cities were also well represented, with Leeds, Manchester and Glasgow, combining to make up 34% of advertised jobs on Glassdoor UK.

Which Companies Have The Highest Percentage of Jobs Available?

When looking at specific companies who are hiring, the leader was a provider of private childcare care, Little Ones UK, at 1.50%, reflecting the need for private childcare during the pandemic and school and nursery closures.

Language Trainers, who provide foreign language lessons, took up 0.46% of adverts. In the first lockdown, 10% of Brits took an opportunity to learn a second language. Duolingo, a language learning app, showed an almost 300% increase in new users in March 2020 alone.

Hobbies that can be enjoyed safely in our own homes have been key keeping many of us occupied during lockdown. Gaming increased by 46% at the start of the pandemic and software developers Jadex are seeking various professionals to meet the demands of users, with 0.46% of advertised jobs.

CPDSO Support for Members during COVID-19

Posted on March 27, 2020 by - CPD Sectors>News

A personal message of support from our CEO, Amanda Rosewarne:
‘I was delighted at the speed and thoughtful support provided by the CPD Standard Office during the current challenging times. They provided focussed, valuable content, delivered in a clear way. It was great to be reached out to so rapidly. Thank you’
Peter Johnson – Executive Coach & Business Consultant


The CPD Standards Office is here to support all of our members through this uncertain time as we adapt to working from home and turning F2F into online offerings.

To help you navigate these unchartered waters and future-proof all of your coaching and training offerings, the CPD Standards Office has put in place various guidance and support to guide you through.

The 3 main pillars of support we have in place are:

  1. Regular webinars and digital resources covering a variety of topics to help you and your business get online.
  2. 30 minute consultation calls with one of the membership team who will be able to guide you through any queries you might have, provide advice about specialised topics and guidance on going online.
  3. Free upgrade for members who run F2F courses/events that have been cancelled, to a digitally accredited provider for any online learning activities

Past Webinars

CPDSO have been hosting webinars regularly covering a variety of topics, please see below for the recordings of the latest ones:

The Workforce is Now Home Based: 7 Steps to Creating Online Training


Slides: 7 Steps To Going Online – Members

Q&A: Q&A from Webinar 23.3.2020

5 Reasons Why Webinars Are A Great Way To Get Your F2F Online Fast


Slides: 5 Reasons Why Webinars Are A Great Way To Get Your F2F Online Fast – 1st April

Q&A: Q&A from Webinar 1.4.2020

Links: Links from Webinar 1st April 2020

Pivoting to Online Learning: Free Digital Accreditation


Slides: Pivoting F2F To Online Learning – Webinar Slides 14.4.2020

Links: Links from Webinar 14th April 2020 

How to use zoom for live online webinars: a step by step guide to the market leader for live online learning


Slides: How to use zoom for live online webinars: a step by step guide to the market leader for live online learning

Q&A: Q&A from Webinar 23.4.2020

Developing Resilience For Trainers, Coaches & Educators: How to Cope With The Psychological Pressures of Covid-19


Slides: Developing Resilience For Trainers, Coaches & Educators: How to Cope With The Psychological Pressures of Covid-19

Be an Amazing Online Facilitator: Advice and Top Tips for Delivering Virtual Learning Sessions


Slides: Be an Amazing Online Facilitator

How to create a winning Linked In profile that drives traffic and increases inbound prospects enquiries


Slides: How to create a winning Linked In profile that drives traffic and increases inbound prospects enquiries

How to Overcome the Challenges of Managing Remotely


Slides: How to Overcome the Challenges of Managing Remotely

Negotiating for sales in the era of COVID-19


Making Ideas Happen: Pivoting and Building out your training portfolio


Slides: Making Ideas Happen: Pivoting and Building out your training portfolio

5 Motivational States and their impact on our lives at work and at home


Slides: 5 Motivational States and their impact on our lives at work and at home

Creating a winning Linked in profile that increases prospects enquiries


Slides: Creating a winning Linked in profile that increases prospects enquiries



Demystifying SEO so you can learn to drive traffic to your website


Promoting the mental health of you and your colleagues through the ‘coronacoaster’.


Toward a post-pandemic ‘better business as usual’


Engaging with your Emotional intelligence to Change During These Unprecedented Times


Using Google Ads to target your ideal audience and grow your sales pipe


Presenting Without The Drama Webinar


Mindset and Planning for Trainers & Coaches to Get Ahead Webinar


Leadership and Inclusion Post Pandemic


Presenting Online with Confidence


‘Becoming A Thought Leader On LinkedIn’


If you would like any support on the above, please do get in touch with the membership team who will be happy to assist.


Daniel Steele, Account Manager – OR

Annie Williamson, Assessment Manager –

Phone: 0203 745 6463

Dorchester Collection Academy CPD Standards accredited courses calendar is now released!

Posted on September 17, 2019 by - CPD Sectors>News

Join us this autumn for some exciting Customer Service and Inspirational Leadership courses. It’s our in-depth understanding of luxury service that sets us apart and can work for you, whatever your industry. We work with a range of clients from airlines, property management, and automotive industry through to luxury retail healthcare and financial services.

Delegates who attend our courses will receive CPD hours alongside a formal CPD certificate of attendance.

Dorchester Collection Academy CPD Standards accredited training courses will take place in September, October, November and December 2019:

  • The Coaching Habit
  • Creating Brand You
  • Fundamentals of Great Service
  • Ultimate Customer Experience
  • Luxury Mindset (Exploring your Leadership)
  • Managing Luxury (Strengthening your Leadership)
  • Introduction to Effective Training Certificate
  • Practical Training Certificate
  • Group Training Certificate
  • Interview and Selection
  • Leading Change Projects

To view our calendar of upcoming CPD Customer Service and Inspirational Leadership courses.

For expert advice and guidance on your development goals and finding the right training programme, please contact our team of specialist’s

All sessions must be pre-booked. Limited number of delegates per session.

Dorchester Collection Academy
Ground Floor West
57 Lansdowne House
London W1J 6ER

An Essential Event for L&D Professionals

Posted on September 3, 2019 by - CPD Sectors>News

The UK’s most comprehensive learning event takes place on 15 and 16 October at Birmingham’s NEC.

Visitors to World of Learning can build up their knowledge, hone their skills, learn new ones and forge useful industry connections at an event which features over 100 exhibitors, dozens of free seminars, and multiple opportunities to get hands on with the latest L&D solutions.

The World of Learning Exhibition offers a wide range of Inspiration Zones where exhibition visitors can experience the latest in L&D and get practical advice at a range of interactive attractions.

The CPD Standards Office are proud to accredit the conference & exhibition each year, and attendees of the World of Learning Event can obtain CPD hours for attendance.

The Office and World of Learning work alongside one another, sharing a common mission and ambition:

  • The Office works to raise the standards of CPD provision for the benefit of individual professionals and employers and promotes positive and successful learning experiences.
  • The World of Learning event promotes cutting edge and first-rate training and learning activities and combines the extensive research of its contributors with input from key industry figures.

New for this year, the Live Demo Zone allows for the thorough assessment of ground-breaking L&D methods and technologies. The 45-minute-long live and interactive demonstrations from a variety of providers will assist visitors in their decision-making on future strategies and spending.

Phily Hayes, Senior Account Manager at LearnUpon, will host the live demonstration: ‘How to deliver tailored training to multiple audiences with one LMS.’ He comments:

“Seeing technology applied to scenarios you encounter, and software tackling the objectives you’re tasked with fulfilling, is an incredibly productive way to assess a solution.

“We’re delighted to have the opportunity to actively demonstrate how our learning portals functionality solves the problem of creating distinct learning environments for each unique training audience you’re trying to serve.”

Another new feature this year, the Life Skills Library will house a selection of bite-sized books tackling essential topics such as resilience, burnout, positive mindset, mental health, confidence, kindness and trust.

Visitors are encouraged to enjoy free samples of the titles to take away and will be given access to an online digital library of bite-sized resources from the library’s host, The Learning Architect.

Liggy Webb, founder of The Learning Architect and author of the books, comments:

“One of my greatest passions is to take wider and sometimes complex topics and distil them into accessible bite-sized nuggets of information that are easily transferable to real life. I’m delighted to share these useful resources with visitors to World of Learning.”

The Experiential Learning Zone will also take a bite-sized approach to hot topics affecting people and organisations in a VUCA world, during short, interactive sessions. High on the agenda for many organisations, visitors can learn how to maintain mental wellbeing and high performance at the Mental Wellbeing Zone.

Those seeking new ways to explore and enhance team skills should head to the Team Building Zone, where a thrilling escape room taster game will be available to try. The chance to experience the potential of immersive technologies is offered in the dedicated VR suite.

Co-located with the exhibition is the popular and free-to-attend Learning Design Live conference, designed for those involved in learning tech design. Seven sessions will cover topics including how to harness Virtual Reality (VR), the influence of the latest neuroscience on digital learning design, and how to modernise old content.

A further programme of 26 educational seminars, all free to attend, is also available to exhibition visitors.

Key subjects including gender balance, games and immersive technologies, data analytics, and behaviour-changing content will be covered by leading experts from organisations such as Acteon, Forest Holidays, Rising Vibe and Sponge.

The Fringe seminars will see L&D specialists tackling topics including how to demonstrate ROI from L&D, optimising learning environments and redesigning learning to deliver higher value.

The exhibition runs alongside the renowned World of Learning Conference which offers inspiration from the industry’s leading thinkers and practitioners in a two-day programme of presentations, case studies and panel discussions.

Three delegate packages are available, and attendees are encouraged to book early to benefit from a discount of up to 30% off until 13 September*.

Andrew Gee, senior project manager at World of Learning, comments:

“The World of Learning Conference & Exhibition is a hub of learning for L&D professionals. It provides a unique opportunity to really focus on the latest trends, challenges and opportunities facing today’s workforces, to understand them, and to learn how to approach them effectively.

“It’s also a fantastic opportunity to network with peers and make new, useful connections. We look forward to welcoming visitors old and new to this year’s event!”


For more details and to book the World of Learning Conference 2019 visit or call 020 8394 5171.

*Terms and conditions apply.  Visit for full details.

L&D leaders to share best practice, thought leadership and latest innovations

Posted on June 19, 2019 by - CPD Sectors>News

On 15 & 16 October at the NEC, Birmingham, the World of Learning Conference will enable Learning & Development (L&D) professionals to learn from industry leaders and to network with peers.

The carefully procured conference programme will provide real-world insights from organisations including Next, Santander UK, Hilti, Scottish Social Services Council, and Wales and West Housing.

Acknowledging the current economic and social climate, a core theme of the event is that of change, its impact on the workplace and how L&D can deliver positive business outcomes in a constantly evolving environment.

Opening the conference is keynote speaker Tom Cheesewright, an Applied Futurist, who will immediately address the matter of change in his presentation, ‘L&D 2030 – surviving a high frequency change environment.’

In her keynote presentation, Alexandra Bode-Tunji, HR Director at Bucks New University will present a case study of an award-winning transformation programme from TfL.

On day two of the conference Emma Parry, Professor of Human Resource Management at Cranfield School of Management, will examine the impact of new technologies on the world of work and how L&D will need to adapt.

Specifically looking at the impact of change on those in leadership roles will be Guy Bloom, Founder and Director of Living Brave Leadership, when he presents, ‘How to support leadership teams in uncertain change environments.’

Other critical L&D topics under the spotlight will include the leader’s role in workplace wellbeing and mental health, personalised learning, data analytics, learner engagement, and skills for today’s learning leaders.

As well as case studies and presentations, a popular feature of the conference is the interactive panel session.

This year’s lively discussion will be among Andy Lancaster, Dr Ina Weinbauer-Heidel and Anne-Marie Hearne, who will join Paul Matthews, founder and CEO of People Alchemy, to debate ‘Evaluation – the holy grail or an unnecessary distraction for the L&D professional?’

Paul comments, “Weighing a pig every day does not make it grow any faster; but using your measurements to evaluate your pig’s feeding regime, and then changing it, will lead to faster growth.

“Measuring is not the same as evaluating; it is an input for evaluation, and evaluation is critical for guiding improvement. Notice that we are weighing the pig, not timing how long it spent eating. How does that relate to L&D? Let’s talk farming!”

Delegates can select which sessions they would like attend; three delegate packages are available, and Platinum and Two-day delegates have a choice of gifts including Apple AirPods, Amazon Echo Plus, Sennheiser Headphones or Amazon Echo Dot. The Platinum package also includes a free evening networking event.

All conference delegates get free access to the Clear Lessons video library from the time of booking, right up to the conference.

Delegates are encouraged to book by 5 July to take advantage of up to 40% off the standard booking rate*.

For the latest news and updates about the World of Learning 2019 read the World of Learning blog at, follow the exhibition on Twitter at #WOL19 and, and join the World of Learning Conference & Exhibition group on LinkedIn.

  • To book your place on the conference call +44 (0)20 8394 5171 or visit
  • For more information on all aspects of the event please visit