Benefits of Becoming Accredited

So why should you gain accreditation with the CPD Standards Office? There is a large range of benefits, as accreditation helps you to:

  • Get ahead of competitors and gain market share by using the accreditation process to benchmark yourself against best practice and improve your client proposition
  • Build your reputation and be known as a premier provider by using the CPD Standards Office logos, certificates and web listing
  • Expand into new markets by attracting professionals and organisations that need to purchase training and development activities which meet formal CPD requirements
  • Join a network of successful providers committed to being the best in their field (for more on the CPD Standards Community click here).
  • Get invited to our member networking events to listen to relevant market updates and gain insight
  • Draw on our CPD expertise and receive free advice on CPD and industry requirement
  • Demonstrate to your customers that you are adopting new technologies with our (optional) digital certificate service using Blockchain technology.

You will also benefit from all the findings from our in-depth research into CPD. This research provided the foundation for the establishment of the CPD Standards Office. It also served as a platform from which we are now carrying out further research, the findings of which will be fed back to you as an accredited CPD provider.

Ultimately, accreditation with our evidence-based system denotes a positive reputation and credibility. This is because all our accreditations are assessed by third parties. They use criteria based on large scale research projects and their assessment methodology is also steered by an expert advisory board. All of this will give your clients and delegates the assurance you want them to have, so they will keep coming back for more.

A few shots of our recent member events:

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