The Meaning of Business Accreditation

For any business operating in a highly competitive marketplace, differentiation is of paramount importance in order to stand out from the competition and gain market share. Key areas for differentiation vary by industry, of course. Some businesses compete on price, others compete on technology and unique value propositions, while still others compete on customer service. One area that any business can work on to help elevate themselves above their competition is the quality of their staff.

‘Our people are our biggest assets’ may be a common phrase used by many organisations, but what does it truly mean to invest in growing that asset, i.e. making your staff’s development a top priority for your business? It means providing time, budget and the infrastructure for employees to engage in Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

For businesses that invest in their employees through CPD programs, improved employee performance and morale, as well as lower turnover rates, are obvious benefits. However, the benefits aren’t just internal to the organisation. Investment in CPD is a great signal to the market that you are serious about constantly improving your staff’s skill set and therefore committed to improving the quality of products and services that your business provides. And a great way to communicate this to the market is by getting business accreditation for your organisation.

What is Business Accreditation?

Business accreditation, an essential service offered by CPD Standards, is centred on providing the benefits of Continuing Professional Development accreditation to for-profit businesses, government institutions as well as non-profit organisations. Business accreditation is the process of getting your business assessed and evaluated by a CPD accreditation body, e.g. CPD Standards, as a method of reviewing your businesses’ processes and levels of service. This is done primarily to make sure that the services your business or organisation offers are in line with professional standards and best practices.

During business accreditation, personnel from the CPD accreditation body analyse your organisation, the type and quality of services it renders, and any other essential information required about your company to measure it against the marketplace. As a by-product of the assessment, your employees may be required to enrol in some CPD professional training courses in order to bridge gaps in knowledge and skill levels.

How to become an accredited business

CPD business accreditation is essential for businesses and organisations which offer the following services:

  • Training activities
  • Events and seminars
  • Workshops and conferences
  • Other learning activities

Organisations which offer services other than these can also enrol in our business accreditation programme. The aim of this training programme is to help businesses develop and improve their professional skills which are essential in order to survive in a competitive marketplace. You can contact us to draft and develop a schedule for accrediting your business. And you can also enrol in our online business accreditation programme via our website. CPD Standards’ online business accreditation is designed to offer flexibility and convenience to businesses. We can liaise with you virtually in order to find a bespoke solution for your organisation’s CPD accreditation needs.

Upon request for CPD business accreditation, the scope of your business, together with the services that it offers are forwarded for assessment. CPD Standards also assesses the in-house training and learning procedures of your business. We then evaluate it and outline where improvements can be made to your business’s training program and procedures. Once the CPD business accreditation is completed, your business will be listed online on our site and on other sites as a CPD accredited business. Having this CPD certification will help your business to appeal to potential customers and employees.

6 benefits of business accreditation

There are many benefits of getting a business accreditation, including:

  • It distinguishes your business from the competition in the marketplace.
  • It promotes efficiency in your organisation’s internal processes
  • It helps to benchmark your organisation’s offering against the competition and identify key areas for improvement.
  • CPD accreditation shows a very high level of professionalism, thereby making services of accredited businesses highly sought after.
  • It promotes productivity at the workplace through employee accreditation, as employees have an opportunity to develop upon their presentation skills. They can also learn new aspects of the business and increase their contribution across departments.
  • It enhances the management skills of accredited employees and leads to high-quality control.

Business coaching accreditation

Business coaching accreditation is another way of displaying your business’s ability to coach and train your employees, whether that is through internal training or by providing them access to external CPD training. The business coaching accreditation process involves the identification of the strengths, weaknesses and available opportunities for your business when it comes to CPD. These are followed by a bespoke plan to help your business overcome its weaknesses and capitalise on opportunities.

A CPD accredited business inspires trust in prospective customers as it displays its commitment to the highest standards of professional development for its employees. The potentially huge, positive impact of this upfront investment on the long term profitability of a business should not be underestimated.