CPD for Employers

Accredited CPD Employers

With employers increasingly becoming educators, and grappling to recruit and retain talented employees, many employers work with the CPDSO to become accredited CPD employers.

Working with major employers such as NHS organisations, education providers, banks and other businesses. Accreditation ensures high quality standards are maintained, and consists of an independent assessment of in-house training and learning provision, including in-house CPD activities, outsourced providers & Learning Management Systems (LMS) and other best practice activities.

On becoming a fully accredited employer you will receive a host of benefits, and will be listed formally on the cpdstandards.com website, and will receive the following accredited mark to include in all your communications and marketing materials:

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So what do you get as an Accredited CPD Employer? In addition to the benefits associated with a workforce that is proactively pursuing its CPD (click here for more information about benefits), you will receive:

  • Independent CPD Accreditation of all internal training courses, events and online activities
  • Expert CPD advice from our CPD specialists, and supporting resources
  • Assessments delivered in person
  • Accreditation of  in-house coaches for CPD purposes
  • An evaluation of your CPD recording systems and recommended improvements
  • An informative one day training course for the HR and L&D team on CPD compliance, and relevant sector CPD legislation
  • A comprehensive  review of external training providers
  • Early access to our annual CPD report detailing our latest research and cutting edge findings, as well as to other published research
  • Invitations to exclusive events on L&D and HR run by the CPD Standards Office
  • Preferential rates for additional CPD consultancy (25% discount)
  • 10% discount on CPD accreditation for any of your external training provider partners.