April 2016

Continuous professional development should be ‘sticky’

On Thursday 21st April, The CPD Standards Office were sponsors of Membership Excellence 2016 in London, the leading professional body conference of the year.

The Office invited speakers who presented on how CPD can contribute to ‘Membership: Evolution or Revolution’ which was the overall conference theme.

There were a number of conversations that resulted from the CPD sessions including including how professional development needs to be ‘sticky’ meaning ‘memorable’ in a world of information overload.

Clare Hodgson, Professional Development Manager, ACCA said: “Employers and employees say ‘I don’t know what CPD is but I know I have to do it’”

Evidently, in regulated sectors, we know we must do CPD, but the confusion arises around questions such as: ‘how do we fit it into our tight time schedules?’ and ‘what learning tools are there to help us learn quickly and efficiently?’

Marella Sabella, Director of Innovation and strategy at Reed Learning highlighted how narrowing down the content on training to three topics per session is most effective for memory and motivation to learn.

The CPD Session covered topics from attitudes towards using micro-learning tools as a way to learn on the go. Joni Tyler, Head of CPD at RIBA presented her own definition of micro-learning as ‘Learning as short digestible, bite-sized, single information units. Tends to be informal.’

She said: “Micro- earning can take you beyond trivia knowledge and into deep learning as the tools can be used in addition to structured CPD.” For example, small email reminders, quizzes or extra reading on social media.

Steve Dineen, CEO and Founder of Fuse, a new learning and development mobile app, described how his company was enabling businesses to create ‘authentic’ communications at work. By using two minute videos, he said that training can be move ground up as store sales managers can record their best employees’ sales techniques and upload onto the fuse platform and share across the company. This makes training more personal as video can be replayed on smart phones and most content is consumed during travel between the home and the work place.

There were some top tips given by Rosemary Cooper Clarke, leadership coach on how to keep training dynamic by keeping it focused, action-centred and practical.

The Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL) presented on how the company has revamped their training accreditation service by partnering with The CPD Standards Office to ensure that the training their member’s provide is high quality according to their own standards.

Finally, Amanda Rosewarne, Head of CPD Research and Accreditation at the CPD Standards Office presented the current trends including the difficulty in keeping CPD memorable and confirmed the Office will be writing a whitepaper highlighting some of these issues.

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