August 2016

Dear CPDSO community,

Hope you all have been enjoying the summer weather.

Throughout 2016 so far, the CPD Standards Office has continued undertaking a multitude of CPD research and learning based projects so we have some interesting updates for you this month.

In particular we would like to share with you:

  • Our work on Brexit and Skills development,
  • A CPDSO Member Spotlight on the Olympics
  • A brief update on our current CPD research
  • The next two CPDSO Member events

Brexit and Skills Development

Amanda Rosewarne, our Director of CPD Research and Accreditation at the CPD Standards Office presented about Brexit and Skills Development at Civil Service Live in London on 13th July.

Over 250 delegates attended the presentation to understand the global issues affecting organisations and the UK skills gap.

Rosewarne discussed result on the 23rd June with which the UK decided to leave the European Union. The session highlighted the implications of Brexit, exploring what may unfold from a training and workplace education perspective, and in particular she underlined the following message:

“There is now a huge demand for businesses to adjust their business employment processes and retain talent by providing high quality CPD opportunities.”

The Office will be publishing the first in a series of whitepapers to start third phase of the CPD research for the Professional Development Consortium.

Download the CPD Standards Whitepaper: ‘The Changing Landscape of Skill Acquisition and Professional Development within the UK’

The Olympics and CPD – Q&A with iPerform

The CPD Standards Office calls in with accredited CPD expert Paul Hannam, who launched iPerform with medal winning Olympians Steve Backley and Roger Black, to discuss why he believes 5-minute videos are effective for professionals to learn on-the-go.

Read more on our website here

CPD Research Update – ‘Moving CPD into the Digital Age’

In partnership with Memberwise, the CPD Standards Research Project has launched a new phase of university level research focusing on ‘Moving CPD into the Digital Age’.

Starting with a research consultation with various professional bodies and regulators,  our research team ran focus groups and discussed various topics around ‘CPD provision’, ‘CPD records and auditing’ and also ‘CPD schemes and policies.’

Here at CPDSO, we believe that this type of research and engagement is critical for keeping our assessment and accreditations services up to date.  Our research activities also ensure that we have unrivalled knowledge and expertise to provide advice to our CPDSO members to help them improve their CPD content.

The first round of research findings will be available from Autumn 2016, and we look forward to sharing the findings with you and the CPDSO community later in the year.

Upcoming member events

Please keep an eye out for our save the date invitations to the upcoming CPDSO Member Events in Manchester and London which are scheduled for September and October 2016.

Very best wishes,