September 2016

Hello all,

We hope you are well! Here is an update from us!

CPDSO are going on tour – Join our Member events

We are very excited to see everyone who has registered for our upcoming member events in Manchester on 26th September and London on 17th October.

The theme of both events is: ‘The neuroscience behind adult learning and modern CPD methods’.

We are now fully booked for our Manchester event but there are still spaces for the London event. Please register here.

UK ministers are back in action: How will this affect CPDSO?

  1. A new government

In July 2016, the ‘Department for Business, Innovation & Skills’ was replaced by ‘Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy’ and ‘Department for Education’.

The changes in government departments mean we will be looking to develop and build new relationships with the right cabinet ministers to advise on better policies for adult learning and skill development.

  1. Meetings at the House of Lords

We will continue to attend the All- Parliamentary Group for Skills & Employment at the House of Lords to discuss current policies such as the apprenticeship levy and skill development in further education.

  1. Brexit… a rollercoaster of change

We will be releasing our first in a series of whitepapers this autumn: ‘Hold On Tight!  It’s a Rollercoaster! The Shifting Landscape of Skill Acquisition and Professional Development within the UK’.

Our whitepaper discusses the big challenges that the training sector faces such as in society political changes and technology innovation and highlights the value of quality professional development and CPD accreditation in uncertain times.

Your membership means that you will given priority access when the whitepaper is first published. You can download for the executive summary here.

  1. Apprenticeship levy- Funding cuts to colleges

In August, the government declared that it will make a 30-50% reduction to rates paid into colleges and training providers that teach apprentices. We will continue to research CPD and employability and work with the various stakeholders in this area. Our aim is to understand the political changes and how this will affect the quality of CPD for young people and share these updates with you.

Bar Standards Board ‘slammed’ for its proposed CPD policy changes

This month, the Bar Council (the professional body for Barristers in the UK) has ‘slammed’ the Bar Standards Board (BSB) (the regulator) for developing its CPD policy to an outcomes based format.

The BSB CPD Policy change will require barristers to choose their own professional development, submit a self assessment and reflect back on what they have learnt. The new policy will stop barristers having fulfil the set number of CPD hours per annum.

The Bar Council cautioned that the new CPD policy would be ‘unrealistic’ and ‘time-intensive’ for each professional.

Providers accredited by the CPD Standards office who deliver into this sector now have the opportunity to stand out to market their accreditation to demonstrates that provision is high quality, promotes reflective learning, flexibility and is non-time consuming. Find out more here.

If you need marketing advice to effectively to promote your CPD accreditation, please do not hesitate to email us:

We’ve moved offices

We are delighted to have finally settled into our new offices. Our new address is:

Centurion House, London Road, Staines, TW18 4AX

Same phone number though!  0203 745 6463