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Let’s Meet in Birmingham this October to Shape the Future of Learning Together

Posted on August 31, 2022 by - News

World of Learning 2022

After a million and one Zoom meetings and more emails than we ever thought we’d send, we are finally ready to bring face-to-face back. And we’re excited to be doing this at the World of Learning Exhibition and Conference on the 11th and 12th of October this year (held at the NEC).

If you want to be an Accredited Education Provider, let’s talk…

We are confident that nothing compares to a face-to-face conversation which is why we’re inviting to register for the free exhibition pass during World of Learning and meet our advisors in person. They’ll be able to answer all your questions and provide you with a quote then and there, that you can then take away and consider.

The CPD Standards Office will be exhibiting at the World of Learning event this October which brings together senior learning decision-makers and buyers, with leading suppliers of learning and development (L&D) products, solutions and advice.

We are proud to accredit the conference & exhibition each year, and attendees of the World of Learning Event can obtain CPD hours for attendance. The Office and World of Learning work alongside one another, sharing a common mission and ambition:

  • The Office works to raise the standards of CPD provision for the benefit of individual professionals and employers and promotes positive and successful learning experiences.
  • The World of Learning event promotes cutting edge training and learning activities and combines the extensive research of its contributors with input from key industry figures.

This is the first face-2-face event in which the CPD Standards Office is exhibiting at, and is a great opportunity to come and have a chat with us at our stand to understand more about the process of becoming accredited and to ask any questions you may have.

A Hub of Educational Providers

This year’s World of Learning event gathers all of the best educational providers and like-minded individuals from all sectors in an attempt to ensure all good training is identifiable by the learners looking to enhance their CPD. Together, we can immerse ourselves in the current eLearning trends while getting to experience the latest L&D technologies.

If you are already a member of the CPDSO community or not, we highly recommend attending this event to benefit from:

  1. Meeting fellow L&D professionals to share experiences and collaborate in an informal setting
  2. Gain insights from L&D experts on the latest industry challenges and how to overcome them
  3. Access free content and improve your knowledge in the world of L&D
  4. Discover new tools and experience a complete blend of learning solutions and inspiration with industry-leading providers
Why would you come meet us at the Expo?

In our never-ending desire to enhance the world of CPD, this year the CPD Standards Office is launching its partnership with the Institute of CPD. Here’s what this means:

  • For professionals from any industry, will finally have a single-entry point for all their CPD records, and a membership in an institute dedicated to enable career development like it has never been done before. The Institute of CPD has the bold ambition to create the most collaborative and supportive community where professionals will be able to find practical information about the career paths, they have available to them and the best way forward.
  • For CPD Accredited Education Providers, members of the CPD Standards Office, this means that they’ll be able to offer 1 year of free iCPD membership to all their delegates.
Trusted Education Accreditation

Connecting with educators who are now looking at a post-COVID market that is flooded with online content, can be filled with questionable quality. So how can you stand out in this busy market and differentiate yourself from the good quality learning aimed at professional/personal development from the ones designed for purely entertainment purposes? The CPD Standards Office can help you do this with trusted education accreditation.

We better education, are you with us?

Our global CPD Standards Office community is growing, and we are here to make a difference in the delivery of CPD, and to showcase all the exceptional learning experiences that are available. So how do we do this?

CPDSO offers an accreditation service that accredits and recognises high quality training activities as formal CPD so that learning providers can issue formal CPD points. We accredit a wide range of portfolios including training courses, events and online learning. Once accredited you will be awarded an accredited logo as a mark of quality assurance that the CPD provision is valuable, relevant and consistently delivered.

We want to make sure that all good training is accredited and gets the recognition it deserves, so adding our Trustmark to your learning activities can open doors into new markets and get more sales into your business.

If you are amongst the top trainers in your industry, we would love to hear from you…

Visit us at our stand (number:C120) to learn how you can add trusted education accreditation to your business by chatting to one of our CPD advisors, and learn how to stand out in a crowded marketplace with our accreditation, or if you’d like to book an appointment for after the event, click here.

For more information on all aspects of the event please visit

Why Choose the CPD Standards Office?

Posted on February 7, 2022 by - News

The CPD Standards Office forms part of the Professional Development Consortium and is also home to the CPD Research Project, Provider of Training Excellence, and Coach of Excellence accreditations.

A prestigious global organisation, whose members deliver CPD accredited training and learning in all subjects and topics.

About Us

A large part of our organisation is research and we were founded from the findings from the UK’s largest CPD research project. Amanda Rosewarne, our CEO spent a long time working with employees, employers, professional bodies, regulators and institutions to find out about their experiences of CPD (research conducted in 2010) This laid the platform to develop a shared standard for educational CPD activities, and from this research the CPD Standards office was established.

Our Expert Advisory Board

The CPD Standards Office is overseen by an Expert Advisory Board, made up of various organisations including Kingston Business School, The Professional Group, Memberwise, The Law Society, and All Track record. These organisations have a long history of either membership and/or CPD and they provide the quality assurance and control of all of the activities we accredit.

Our Expertise

CPDSO campaigns for ‘Excellence in Lifelong Learning’ and we dedicate time to lobbying government to ensure quality and standards within education and training. We are part of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Skills and Employment, and regularly provide advice and guidance on all things CPD.

The Assessment Process

Following a multitude of research across sectors, we have developed the assessment process, overseen by the above Independent Advisory Board, to ensure CPD provision available to professionals of all sectors is of the highest quality. The organisation and the logo are recognised both internationally and by all 1600 regulators, professional bodies and institutions in the UK.

Looking to become accredited?

Get in touch with one of our accreditation advisors today on 0203 745 6463 or book a call here.

Marketing Ideas for your Training/Coaching Business

Posted on January 24, 2022 by - CPD Sectors>News, News

Marketing for your training/coaching business can be tricky if you aren’t sure where to start.

Here are some simple ideas to get your marketing up and running:

Become a Social Networker

Create business accounts and actively participate in all of the big social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Instagram.

Create Video Content

Video content is hugely valuable, and an extremely sharable medium that can reach much wider audiences. Creating a YouTube channel to hold all of your videos in one place can be very beneficial and direct all of your customers to one place.

Get Creative with Infographics

Infographics are insanely powerful marketing tools. They are visual eye candy for the reader and easy to digest the information. People also love to share them, so they are a great way to drive up referral traffic and links.

Give a New Lease of Life to Old Content

If you are in a dry spell or you are short of time, instead of making some content that is totally new, breathe new life into what you have already in your content library. You already have all the content there, so make it into something new and fun!

Utilise LinkedIn

There is a ton happening on LinkedIn, and it can be a great place to promote your content to customers and other businesses. You can also share ideas, join groups, enter into conversations with others, and build your brand out with other like-minded professionals.

Industry Partnerships

Creating partnerships with other businesses means twice as much notice. If you are partnering with a business that is focused solely on a different industry to you, it introduces and opens up opportunities to a whole new audience.

Enter Business Awards

Most industries out there have business awards you can enter and win, providing you with an online badge you can place on your website. Badges like these can boost your credibility and as a result, increase sales. Much like the CPD Standards Office badge which provides a trusted quality mark for your business.

Develop a Customer Referral Programme

Offer your existing customers a free product, a free month of service, or some other reward for referring new customers. Word of mouth is a very powerful way to find new customers.

So what ones are you going to get started with first?

The Golden Rule to Follow when Building Your Company Marketing Plan

Posted on January 14, 2022 by - CPD Sectors>News, News

The golden rule to creating an amazing ‘marketing strategy’ is to know what your short-term goals are, meaning in the next few months. But also, what your long-term goals are: 1 year, 3 years, and 5 years from now. Looking at a strategy in this way will help you to plan, not only for your long-term goals but also your short-term targets too.

Thinking about where you would like to see your business in the future will help you to create the targets that you want to achieve. Creating targets based upon your goals will help you to think about your plans effectively, which can give you ideas of the smaller steps you need to complete in order to achieve the bigger goal.

5 Simple Steps to Creating a 1 Year Plan:

  1. Where do I see my business in 1 years’ time?
  2. What are the activities I need to complete in order to meet the 1-year target?
  3. How can I incorporate these activities into my workload?
  4. Who will need to support these activities to make sure they are achieved?
  5. When does each activity need completing by to keep to the planned schedule?

Remember not everything will go to plan, some things might get pushed back due to more urgent work that needs completing and some tasks might need modifying to suit the business environment at that time. Plans are adaptable and you can change them to suit as time goes on. So, don’t get too hung up on everything running smoothly.

Following these steps will help you to create a simple and effective marketing strategy that will help you to achieve the targets you have set yourself. Thinking in terms of both long-term and short-term goals will help you manage your time, work productively and move your business forward. A plan that works with your business will inevitably aid you to make your vision turn into a reality whether you are a small or large company.


To summarise, here are 3 things to remember from this blog post:

  • Think about the future of your business!
  • How will you get there? Set 1, 3 and 5-year goals.
  • Don’t let anything stop you – review, adapt, and refine to fit your environment but always keep going!

My Marketing Button is an online platform that empowers you and your team to plan, track and implement a successful marketing strategy.

Sign up for Red Button Marketing’s free 7-day trial today!

A big thank you to our lovely colleagues at Red Button Marketing for this guest post, take a look at their website here –

Are you looking for CPD Accreditation?

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Unsolicited Dubious Accreditation

Posted on August 16, 2021 by - News

Over the past year, with everyone working from home and online, the dark underbelly of the internet has become more prevalent, with an increase in dubious accreditation services and scams.  These are exploiting unsuspecting, and vulnerable businesses. 

Don’t be Duped!

Free accreditation services are now attempting to enter the training and coaching industries; but are being delivered by those who have no real understanding of the CPD field, and are not officially recognised by Government and professional bodies.  Similar to fake news, and misinformation, it is important not to be duped by the offer of free CPD accreditation services. 

The Risk

The risks attached to choosing cheap, free and easy accreditation options, over the rigorous and comprehensive assessment path  have a short and long term impact on your business. Your reputation is at risk, as at some point, the lack of quality standards in the cheap or fake accreditation services will become obvious. 

For example, the recent BBC documentary ‘Under the Skin: The Botched Beauty Business’ is  a clear example of a training business who are displaying a free CPD accreditation, yet are offering pernicious training courses.  Unsuspecting individuals are falling foul of paying a substantial amount for an unregulated beauty aesthetics course that has potentially dangerous consequences. 

See the BBC website here – 

dubious accreditation in the beauty business

Reassuringly Robust & Exclusive

If you are pondering your membership with the CPD Standards Office, it’s important to remember that we are a world leading, independent CPD accreditation body.  Highly respected by Government and Industry, including The Cabinet Office, Rolls Royce, NHS and the Open University, our accreditation is based on scientific research and developed by experts

We work exclusively with the official CPD Institute, and our robust assessment process ensures that genuine and authentic providers are given the recognised CPDSO seal of quality approval. 

You Can’t Afford to Look Cheap…

The training and coaching industries are becoming increasingly busy and competitive.  Learners want to be reassured that they are sourcing high quality and relevant training courses.  By associating your business with a worthless and free accreditation service, you cheapen your brand and devalue your expertise. 

Talk to Us

If you are being approached by a free CPD accreditation provider, and would  really understand the impact on your business, do not hesitate to contact your CPDSO account manager or email us at

National Association Awards Finalist

Posted on March 31, 2021 by - News

We are finalists!

The CPD Standards Office applied for the ‘Best COVID Response’ award with the National Association Awards and we have been selected as a finalist which is super exciting for all of us here at CPDSO!

Reaching the finals is an incredible achievement for us and a reflection on the commitment and hard work the CPDSO team have put in place for our members during the COVID-19 pandemic. The global uncertainty of the future has impacted everyone in different ways and our team being able to come together and support each other and our members has been very rewarding.

The National Association Awards aim to celebrate the hard work and success of associations, federations, chambers of commerce, societies and membership organisations across all sectors. These awards are for organisations to gain kudos and recognition for the hard work that they do and the success that these businesses have had.

The winner will be announced on Thursday 22nd of April at their awards ceremony and we hope all of our members will be cheering us on! Let’s go CPDSO!

A full list of the finalists for all of the awards is available here –