How to become a CPD provider to Immigration Advisers

From 1st April 2015 the OISC mandated that training providers delivering to Immigration Advisers must be registered with the CPD Standards Office or the Bar Standards Board.

Benefits of being registered with CPD Standards:

Working with the CPD Standards Office, OISC training providers will receive:

  • Discounted annual accreditation and membership fees
  • Free assessment and accreditation support
  • Ongoing advice and guidance on all areas of CPD and training provision

The CPD Standards Office has worked closely with the OISC to ensure that training and learning providers can become accredited with the Office efficiently and effectively.  As well as accreditation, OISC providers registered with the Office will receive various other benefits including free training events, marketing support and discounted access to industry events and resources.


The CPD Standards Office offers the following discounted fee structure for OISC training providers:

The CPD Standards Office is a membership organisation whereby training and learning providers pay an annual subscription fee to cover the CPD accreditation cost based on the number of courses or CPD activities that require accreditation.




Free events delivered by charities or not for profit organisations



1 training course, event or online CPD activity


Up to 5 training courses, events or online CPD activities




Up to 10 training courses, events or online CPD activities



Up to 20 training courses, events or online CPD activities

 £1045 – 1495


Over 20 training courses, events or online CPD activities

By discounted quotation

Accreditation of an individual coach


Accreditation of an individual speaker



Fee notes:

  • Regardless of what fee bracket training providers register for, full membership benefits are available
  • All fees listed are exclusive of VAT
  • For all accreditation services, the Office has 45 day payment terms
  • Once a CPD activity is accredited there is no limit to the number of times it can be delivered.


CPD Standard Accreditation Options:

The Office has five main accreditations that training providers can apply for:

Final CPD badges


To achieve full CPD accreditation, the CPD Standards Office has a three step process:

Register        Assess         Accredit

This process can take up to 6 weeks to complete, and as a result your first six weeks with us are free of charge.

Step 1:  Register

Time frame – from 1st April 2015

Each training provider can either register training courses, events, online activities, coaches and speakers, for accreditation by completing the OISC-CPD Standards Registration Form.

Once a registration form is received by the Office, a provider will be sent:

  • A welcome letter detailing their subscription details, the assessment process and their 5 digit CPD Standards Provider number
  • Your assessment information
  • An invoice – this will detail your invoice amount and 45 day payment terms

Step 2:  Assess

Time frame – Early April to mid June 2015

Assessment: Once a training provider submits their assessment form and associated documents and information, an assessor will then work with them directly to process the assessment.  The CPD Standards Office does not have a pass / fail philosophy.  Instead our assessors will work with you to bring you up to standard to achieve your accreditation with us.

PAYMENT:  Your invoice will be due on the 6th week.  The first year’s subscription includes the first six weeks free of charge. Payment is required at the time that you achieve your accreditation – however, the payment and assessment process is separate i.e. you will still need to pay your subscription fee in the 6th week, regardless of if you have completed your assessment process.

Step 3: Accredit

Time line:  by 1st July 2015

On accreditation, each training provider will receive:

  • An accredited CPD Standards logo – detailing their unique 5 digit CPD Standards number, and the 2 year timeframe that they have been accredited for
  • A dedicated webpage on the site, under a new area entitled ‘Immigration Services’, and under ‘Search by topic’ you will find: //
  • A formal CPD Certificate Template of Completion – for the training provider to issue to OISC delegates, which the delegates then subsequently use within their CPD record
  • A set of personalised CPD and training best practice recommendations; these are focused on improving the training providers delivery and overall ‘standard’ for providing an educational experience
  • Information on the CPD Standards Community membership benefits, including free events on CPD best practice, discounted access to industry conferences and resources, and specialist CPD advice

Additional Membership Benefits

In addition, as part of your membership with the Office, you will receive invites to free member events on CPD and training best practice, as well as discounted training resources and industry events. All details of what we offer are detailed below:

  • Formal sign-off of your accredited CPD logo containing your unique CPD Standards provider number for use on the new titles
  • Formal templates for CPD Certificates of Completion to issue to your delegates
  • A full page listing on the website
  • A discounted fee for accreditation of training and learning CPD activities
  • Further discounts and / or membership benefits within the training sector
  • Free member events on CPD and training best practice
  • Ongoing advice and support for delivering training within a CPD environment

Further information about CPD Standards Member Events

The next CPD Standards Member Event is scheduled for XXXXXXXXXX and will be hosted as an afternoon event at the Institute of Civil Engineers in Westminster.  As well as all OISC providers registered with the CPD Standards Office, there will be a number of our member organisations present. Each member event contains seminars and presentations from a blend of institutes, members and CPD experts, and provides great networking opportunities and the chance to understand more about the UK and global training markets.

As places are limited, if you are considering registering with the CPD Standards Office during XXXX, please also email The Events Team at to reserve your place.