The Learning Provider of Excellence Accreditation


The Learning Provider of Excellence accreditation is an award from the Professional Development Consortium, awarded to professional Learning, learning and coaching providers, in recognition of high quality, excellent learning provision.

The accreditation covers a range of learning activities including face to face courses, workshops, online learning, and one to one coaching and mentoring. This accreditation assesses and verifies that a learning activity has a powerful impact on individuals and ensures a positive learning experience.

The Learning Provider of Excellence accreditation works with individuals and organisations to:

  • Ensure the content is high quality and is developed from trusted resources
  • Confirm outstanding and positive learning experiences for individuals undertaken the activities
  • Verify customer satisfaction and value over the long term.

 Benefits of the Learning Excellence accreditation

There are a range of benefits of joining the learning excellence community and being recognised as a provider of excellence, these include:

Joining a trusted community offering trusted, reliable and reputable learning activities

Displaying the Learning of Excellence Accredited Logo demonstrates your commitment to your customers and enables you to stand out from the crowd

Benefit from discounted training resources, events and industry information

What does the Accreditation look for?

The Learning Provider of Excellence accreditation considers four key principles:

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How the Assessment Process Works:

Becoming accredited – our three stage process:

As the UK’s leading provider of Learning accreditation, we’ve worked with hundreds of trainers. We understand how busy you are and have carefully honed our process to ensure minimal disruption to your business while giving you maximum value.

We take a three stage approach to the assessment and accreditation Process

  1. Registration
  2. Assessment
  3. Accreditation

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