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We accredit clients for a complete range of Online digital, mobile activities.  These include; training, webinars, hangouts, podcasts and structured reading.

We award independent CPD accreditation to training and learning activities across all professions and sectors.

So, if you're looking to win new business, increase credibility and access cutting edge training and research, you're in the right place.

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New Business & Credibility

By becoming CPD Accredited and displaying the official CPD Standards Office logo on your website, you position your company as a premier provider. This allows you to expand your audience and appeal to the mass market looking to earn CPD points. It also allows you to adjust pricing to support your premium status.


Inclusive Referrals & Networking

The CPD Standards Office membership means access to our 900+ organisations, employers and universities, through regular networking events, online community and proactive promotion. You'll also be listed as an accreditied supplier training provider on our website, and therefore benefit from referrals off the back of our marketing and large organic website footfall.


Training and Research

We understand the importance of being ahead of the curve with learning as well as training. This is why we conduct regular academic research through our extensive University connections to ensure that your accreditation provides you the best possible value.  We ensure your CPD membership includes business growth training sessions, industry research and access to highly regarded industry knowledge.



Samantha J Hudson

"The process of getting my courses accredited with CPDSO was smooth, expedient and highly efficient. From first speaking with their Sales team who explained the process comprehensively to sending documents to the Membership team who were super efficient and Marketing who completed the publication process. Everything was a swift, easy to follow the procedure that I can highly recommend, thank you, CPDSO, for your assistance"

Claire Lister
Managing Director, Pitman Training Group

“We sought out CPD Standards accreditation to add value to prospects and employers, as CPD is a hot topic, and we feel it should be inbuilt into the fundamentals of all companies in any sector of industry.”



Upon filling in the form, we will work with you to gather the information required for your membership and assessment.  This is not a pass-fail, we help to ensure your training meets the requirements for CPD accreditation.  You will receive your digital badge to cover your submission period within 7 days of registration.



Following your submission, our assessor will work with you to help you demonstrate your achievement of the standard needed for CPD accreditation. We will look at your customers’ learning experience – from when they first hear of you right through to when they have completed training and follow up.



Once the assessment is complete we can then award your Accreditation. The whole process should be completed within 6 weeks. This is why your first year with us includes 6 weeks free of charge so your first year’s subscription covers 13.5 months.


Your Route to Accreditation

Our clients undertake a wide variety of activities including:




Online activities



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