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What Is Independent CPD Accreditation?

The CPD Standards Office works with a variety of learning providers, speakers, coaches, employers and knowledge organisations to recognise face-to-face training courses and events, online learning, and one to one coaching.

By providing independent accreditation, our mission is to improve the quality of continuing professional development (CPD) to ensure positive and successful experiences and to make it more affordable and easier to access.

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Struggling to Understand CPD?

To find out more about CPD policies and requirements for key professional institutes, societies, and regulators by industry, see our authoritative guide below. This resource aims to clarify CPD and identify the relevant overseeing bodies, and in collaboration with MemberWise, we're continuing to refine and update this list for accuracy.


The CPD Standards Office does not have any direct or contractual relationships with any organisation listed in this resource, nor are they formally affiliated or classified as an accredited CPDSO provider.

Aesthetics & Beauty

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Education & Training Centres

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Financial Services & Insurance

Business Skills

Marketing & Advertising

Law & Legislation

Increase The Value Of Your Training Or Learning Experience By Becoming A Verified CPD Provider

If you’re a speaker, offer coaching, courses, training programs or run events and conferences, then we invite you to become CPD accredited with The CPD Standards Office.

Why Choose Us?

We founded the CPD Standards Office as a result of a comprehensive research project into the quality of continuing CPD provision across the country. Our in-depth research surveyed over 1000 professionals, and interviewed a range of professional bodies and regulators. We found that the standards of CPD varied greatly and that too much of the training provided was of remarkably low quality.

What Is CPD?

Continuing professional development (CPD) is the intentional maintenance and development of the knowledge and skills needed to perform in a professional context. This could mean honing current skills, it could mean developing them to a new level, or it could mean learning new ones that will allow an employee’s job role to expand or prepare them for potential promotion.

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Join A Prestigious, Global Community Of Experienced, CPD Verified Course Creators, Coaches, Educators & Speakers

Upon joining us as an official CPD provider you become part of our CPD Standards Community, along with over 1,000 other accredited providers. This community is growing stronger every day, with its huge range of connections to membership organisations, employers and universities.

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Our community is also supported by the on-going work of the CPD Research Project. This means that just as your clients and delegates can be sure that your training, learning or coaching activities are independently assessed to the highest standard, you too can be sure that other members of the CPD Standards Community have also been assessed the exact same way. This gives you peace of mind as you exchange best practice and network with other providers, professional bodies, universities and authorities.

CPDSO Member Testimonials

"Having our courses independently evaluated and quality assured, has given our clients that extra confidence in knowing that what they are paying for is a quality service."


Anita Devi

Team ADL

"I was looking for a professional organisation to support my coaching offerings. There’s a lot to choose from in a crowded market, but I ended up selecting the CPDSO because they really care about their customers, their products and their services."


Simon Rickman

Development Coach

"CPD has not only enhanced my presence and reputation as a speaker, but it's also developed new opportunities that enable me to engage with audiences at a broader range of events."


Dale Howarth

Accredited CPD Speaker

Benefits Of Becoming CPD Accredited With Us:

Get ahead of your competitors and gain a HUGE market share

Becoming CPD accredited helps you to stand out in an already overcrowded marketplace and turns your learning experience into an authority

Issue formal CPD certificates for your accredited training portfolio

Add your CPD badge to your own certificate design or utilise your CPDSO templates to issue formal certificates.

Stay 'in the loop' with relevant market updates and meaningful insights

CPDSO is also home to the CPD research project, so you'll receive cutting edge insights, recent CPD trends and news on a weekly basis

Build your brand's reputation and be known as a premier provider

Having the mark of accreditation from The CPD Standards Office means you'll be known as a premier provider of high quality CPD training materials

Attract more professionals and organisations that need CPD training

Get your foot in the door with some of the best known corporations and companies who need CPD accredited courses and training programs

Join a network of successful providers committed to being the best

Attend online and offline events with our constantly growing CPD community to network and share knowledge with each other

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will the membership be valid for?

Your membership commitment with The CPD Standards Office is for a minimum of two years. After the first two years, you are then contracted on a one year rolling basis.

When is payment required?

You will pay your first year's membership fee upon application. The second year will be billed at renewal (13.5 months later) and annually after that. Members receive a discount of 15% on their second year as part of our loyalty scheme.

Are there any payment plan arrangements available?

We are flexible in our approach to accreditation costs, for further information on the payment plans available please contact our CPD advisors.

What happens if we don't meet your criteria?

Our "no pass or fail" concept implies that we will collaborate with you and provide you with the help and direction you require throughout the accreditation process.

How long will it take to get accredited?

Routine - It can take up to 45 days (6 weeks) from the day of full submission to obtain your accreditation.

Swift/Fast Track - For an additional fee, you can select the fast

track option, which will prioritise the application and offer approved status within 14 days. Full submission is still required with this option. For further information on the fast track assessment, contact your Advisor.

How much does it cost to be approved for a CPD Accredited status?

Our accreditation prices vary depending on the type of certification you select and the number of activities (courses) you are looking to accredit.