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CPDSO 2016 Annual Review

The CPD Standards 2016 Annual Review

The CPD Standards Office has been busy this year presenting at its quarterly member events and a wide se

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What it takes to be an award winning training provider

The CPD Standards Office (CPDSO) accredited providers, Avado Learning and Rentokil Initial both won gold

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Neuroscience and CPD

Neuroscience and CPD: Making new connections between Academia and Business

“Just like paths in a forest, you lose the connections you don’t use.” Neuroscientist and Author,

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Smart Insights view on a modern marketeer

Member Feature: Smart Insights on Digital Skills

Smart Insights, Accredited CPD Standards Provider (No. 50052) has given an overview of the top 10 most i

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Generation Z: In your office soon?

One evening you walk into your kid's bedroom and ask how the homework is going. In one hand she holds a

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Download a copy of the Making Business Matter softskill competency framework

Running the 100 Metres Without a Stopwatch is Crazy!

This summer, we marveled at the Olympians and Paralympians achieving world records and medals in Rio and

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Why your training business needs to be CPD Accredited in numbers

1600 There are 1600 professional bodies in the UK alone.  Each has its own membership with varying mem

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Paul Hannam, who launched iPerform with medal winning Olympians Steve Backley and Roger Black

The Olympics and CPD – Q&A with iPerform

In this Olympic Year, with the Rio Games in full flow, iPerform are encouraging organisations and employ

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Restructure your training to get more bookings

It’s easy to get stuck in the rut of delivering the training that you have always delivered. So here a

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3 Killer Tricks to Sell More Training

Know your Accreditation renewal dates When are your different clients’ renewal dates for CPD?  For e

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8 Top Tips from the UK’s best trainers

We’re in a fortunate position, getting to see the “best of the best” trainers in action and hear t

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World of Learning

Exclusive Discount for the World of Learning 2016

Members of the CPD Standards Office can access an exclusive discount to attend the World of Learning exh

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Do Professionals do CPD for Pride or Compliance?

For some people, undertaking CPD is something they take pride in – something they would do even if the

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Six tell-tale signs your training material is dead

The last thing you want to spend your time doing is updating your training material every few weeks –

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The 7 things a training provider should never do

Everywhere you look, there is great advice on how to run training courses, what to do and how to do it.

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Which of your trainers are bored? The 3 tell tale signs…

Imagine (or maybe you don’t have to imagine) sitting through a training course where the trainer is ju

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Jane Galbraith, Head of Membership at Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL)

Make CPD Sticky!

On Thursday 21st April, The CPD Standards Office was a sponsor of Membership Excellence 2016 in London,

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Dealing with the Apprenticeship Levy

What is it? In April 2017 the way the government funds apprenticeships in England is changing. Some emp

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Dale howarth cpd accreditation_News

Publicise your CPD accreditation

A number of our highly valued members are getting themselves into the press and publicising their CPD St

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CPD for competitive advantage

Andrew Gibbons an independent management developer, wrote a blog for the Training Journal in February 2

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Seating arrangements for optimal learning

How do you lay out the seating in your training rooms? Have you reviewed whether a different layout woul

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How to manage disruptive delegates in your training

One person can ruin a course if they are not carefully managed. Disruptive delegates are something that

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Are you limited by how much training you can deliver?

Most small training providers are limiting their growth because key staff are required to deliver all th

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Doctors of the Future

The Royal Society of Medicine has released a four-part series called ‘doctors of the future’ coverin

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Improving the standard of apprenticeship schemes

The CPD Standards Office investigates apprenticeship schemes in the UK, what employers can do to improve

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Are You Struggling to Demonstrate the Return on Investment You Get from Your Training?

This blog has been written by MBM for The CPD Standards Office. We are All in the Same Boat Resea

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Structured Learning in Business with Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone and the CPD Standards Office have delivered a report on how learning can be structured in

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Junior doctors need Continuous Professional Development (CPD) in soft skills

The CPD Standards Office discusses new contracts for junior doctors and why specific training in soft sk

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Thirty per cent of HR Experts Say Professional Development Needs to be Better Aligned with Business Objectives

Press Release for a joint report: 'Structured Learning in Business' with Rosetta Stone and the CPD St

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Tree of knowledge. Bookshelf on white background. 3d

Micro-learning- fast, effective and high quality

Micro-learning- fast, effective and high quality E-Learning platforms and micro-learning tools may be q

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