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Posted on July 9, 2020 by Kirstie Walker


A Warm Welcome to the CPD Standards Office  ‘Get F2F Ready’

Thank you for visiting this page, and your interest in the CPDSO Summer 2020 Initiative ‘Get F2F Ready’, it is a great privilege to be working with our subscribers, members and the global CPDSO community. 

As you may be aware, “Get F2F Ready” is  launching in July 2020, as a new national campaign to get trainers, coaches and educators back on their feet and open for business. 

As of w/b 9 July 2020, the current Government Guidelines are beginning to change around social distancing, with restaurants, pubs and hospitality venues starting to open. 

We know and understand that, for many of you, it is critical to begin running your education business again both for livelihoods, or to support other products / services that form part of your commercial offering.

Seeking to pioneer and spearhead the return of face to face training, post the COVID-19 lockdown. ‘Get F2F Ready’ is a collaborative project working with several training organisations within the Professional Development Consortium to enable training, coaching and education businesses to safely return to delivering face to face learning events. 

It is critical that these businesses do not collapse in the fall out of COVID-19, given that many have seen their 2020 scheduled calendar of events cancelled indefinitely. 

Responding to this demand, and working in partnership with a great CPDSO member Barry Bailey, from Mobile Team Challenge (MTC), we want to help and support all of the CPDSO global community. 

Outside of this group, we are also beginning to consult colleagues within our Government APPG (All Political Party Group) for Skills & Education. Hopefully, over the coming months, the Get F2F Ready initiative will publicly spearhead guidance and support (at national level) training and coaching businesses to get back on their feet.  

Please take our 4minute Get F2F ready Survey.

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Summer 2020 Initiative to Get Trainers and Coaches Open for Business

More than ever, the UK workforce needs skills updates and enhanced knowledge sets, across a range of competencies and topics, to face the looming economic challenges post lockdown. 

Training, coaching and education businesses are ready to support this challenge, and can easily fill the gaps in delivery of much needed personal, professional and technical skills.   However, they must be able to practice safe face to face delivery, as many skills and topic areas are best taught in social settings. 

Whilst the world has pivoted to online learning during the Spring / Summer 2020 lockdown, the lock-down restrictions are easing, and social distancing measures relaxed. 

The Get F2F Ready Initiative will be implemented over the coming months to support both individuals within different industries, and the training and coaching businesses who need to come back into practice. 

For more information please contact our Co-Founder and CEO Amanda Rosewarne directly –

We look forward to working with you in the coming months, and getting you F2F ready!

Very best wishes, 

The CPDSO team

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