The Academy for International Science and Research (AISR Learning) offers a wide variety of online and in-house courses and workshops designed for international students, ranging from B-STEMM, to Careers, Skills and Teacher Training.

Our faculties focus on the development and delivery of courses tailored for both local and international students, with Careers as an integral part of our platform.

AISR encourages learning development, critical thinking and analytical skills through workshops, for example Maths, Science, Robotics and Careers.

AISR provides an innovative curriculum and a dynamic working environment, which is delivered both internationally and to international visiting students coming to AISR. Our students participate in tailor-made projects and the transfer of knowledge and best practice. This is delivered, for instance, via the hosting of groups of European teachers coming to visit at AISR in Derry City.

We offer accredited and validated courses which span 14 faculties and as we have campuses around the world, we are experienced in international education

CPD activities

  • Nursing Skills
  • Manual Handling Practical Skills

Who should attend?
Manual Handling Training (all occupations)

  • One day course with practical training on lifting objects in the workplace according with good manual handling techniques. and will gain certification
  First Aid Training (all occupations)
  • One day course with practical training and will gain certification
  Nursing Skills Training (nurses coming back to nursing, refresher course, people who to start a career in nursing, auxiliary nurses who want to develop further nursing skills)
  • 24 week course at level 4 with taught practical nursing skills for clinical nursing and an insight into the social care aspect of nursing. , online discussion groups, mentoring sessions and will gain certification
  Food Safety Training (online) (anyone whose job involves preparing food for the public)
  • A 10 hour course at level 2 which teaches you how food hygiene is maintained in a commercial kitchen setting.
  Teacher Training
  • Level 4 Certificate in Teaching: Adult and Continuing Education provide an introduction to teaching for those working in, or intending to work in, post compulsory education as a teacher or trainer.
  • 26 week course to develop the skills needed to teach in area of Adult and continuing education.

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