Ad Astra Human Performance was founded by airline pilots and Human Factors professionals who understand how your achievements can be remarkable if you apply your human skills and strengths to the highest level. This establishes a strong performing workforce that can overcome challenges and adapt to our changing World.

Our tools inspire your colleagues to realise their human potential, enhancing performance while reestablishing a powerful company culture. This brings improved reputation and greater harmony in the workforce while maximising safety and productivity by ensuring your business remains agile and robust.

We work with a range of different sectors including Education, Healthcare, and Aviation.

CPD activities

  • Human Errors, Threats & Wellbeing Management
  • High-Performance Decision Making
  • Strong Teams & Motivational Leaders
  • Integrated Professional Development Path
  • Ad Astra Performance Indicator Assessment

Who should attend?
Whether you are in Education or HR to Healthcare or Construction, our programmes are all about you and your professional development as a human being. Start by taking our unique Performance Indicator Assessment tool and receive a 27-page personalized report to begin your Professional Development journey.

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