Business Coaching and Training exclusively for Medical Aesthetic Professionals

I work with medical aesthetic practitioners who are determined to grow their aesthetic practice and take their success to the next level. I will take you by the hand to unblock any barriers to your growth and ensure your practice pays you richly in time and money.

No matter how much we have achieved, whether in business or in our personal lives, there is always room for improvement. Even the most knowledgeable and perceptive of us reach a point where despite our talents and gifts, we want to grow but find ourselves stuck in some way.

CPD activities

  • Seminar One: Discover Where You Are Today, Where You Want To Be And What Is Getting In The Way...
  • Seminar Two (Part 1 And 2): Discover Patient Attraction Strategies And Tips To Implement Now
  • Seminar Three (Part 1): Discover The Mindset And Buying Journey That All Aesthetic Patients Go Through
  • Seminar Three (Part 2): Discover 6 Methods To Ethically Influence Your Prospective Patients
  • Seminar Four (Part 1 And 2): Decide Exactly What Is Needed In Your Area And Who You Want To Attract
  • Seminar Five (Part 1 And 2): Decide How You Will Reach Out To Your Ideal Patients Using ‘Magnetic Marketing Messages’
  • Seminar Six (Part 1 And 2): Decide That You Will Stop Discounting And You Will Increase Your Prices...
  • Seminar Seven - Exclusive - Learnings From Michael E.Gerber (The Emyth) The Hierarchy Of Growth
    The Branding Module
  • Seminar Eight: Define (Part 1) Your Brand Strategy
  • Seminar Nine: Define (Part 2) - Your Competitive Advantages, Patient Promise, And Brand Bible
  • Seminar Ten (Part 1 And 2): Design Your Sales And Marketing Funnel
  • Seminar Eleven (Part 1 And 2): Social Media For Business
  • Seminar Twelve (Part 1 And 2): Website Do’s And Don'ts
  • Seminar Thirteen: Design Your Blog And Start Showcasing Your Expertise
  • [Video] Patient Retention Masterclass - Part One, Two And Three
  • [Video] Planning For Growth: Essential Preparation And Key Strategies For Success - Part One And Part Two
  • [Video] Winning The Turf War: How To Out-Grow And Out-Smart Your Competitors - Part One And Part Two
  • [Video] Building Business Resilience To Economic Uncertainty
  • [Video] The Facebook Factor: Building Likes, Leads And Loyal Advocates
  • [Video] Proven Ways To Get More Done In A Day
  • [Video] Changing The Game With Video Marketing
  • [Video] Your Marketing Implementation And Growth Plan For 2016
  • [Video] The Finance Module

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