Akendi UK Limited is a UX Research and Design Consultancy whose professionals also ‘teach others what we practice’ through public and in-house courses.
Founded in 2007 with offices in London, Cambridge, Toronto and Ottawa we serve clients across the globe in industries such as government, healthcare, finance, energy, etc.

We support organisations large and small through:
– Training courses on all topics UX
– Tailored in-house courses
– Team coaching
– Setting up Virtual Experience Teams (VXT™) to add UX skills to organisations who prefer not to (fully) build their own teams

CPD activities

  • AD-101 Introduction to UX Design
  • AR-205 User Experience Research
  • AD-102 Information Architecture
  • AD-107 Interaction Design
  • AD-105 Visual Design for UX
  • AR-207 Experience Mapping
  • AD-106 Service Design
  • AT-403 Usability Testing

Who should attend?
Our courses are attended by participants with diverse job titles such as Business Analyst, Computer Scientist, Visual Design, Marketing consultant, etc.  This reflects the nature of UX as an add-on skill rather than a single profession.We assume little awareness of the user experience & usability field. Our courses are appropriate for anyone working in the creation of digital products and want to learn about the process, tools and techniques to create successful user experiences. The courses are not focused on how to use specific software applications like Photoshop or Axure.

Further Information: