Name: AM Coaching & Training (AMCT)

Sector: Learning & Development, Business Coaching, Business Training, Private Coaching

AMCT provides bespoke, in-house training and coaching services in the areas of leadership, management, and high performing teams. Our services are based upon DISC profiling – a research-validated assessment tool, developed especially for workplace relationships, that uses knowledge of human behaviour to cultivate emotional intelligence and apply this skill-set to different areas of work.

Our learning and development services seek to utilise the latest research and DISC profiling to empower clients to identify and achieve goals, recognise the psychological and behavioural preferences of those they work with, and adapt their own working style accordingly to achieve valuable outcomes for the business and for themselves.

CPD activities

AMCT offers CPD accredited coaching in the areas of leadership, management, performance, team-working, career planning, and confidence.

Further information on our coaching programmes can be found on our website:

Who should attend?

  • Vital for all sectors and industries, AMCT’s learning and development services are geared towards organisations that are seeking to manage, motivate, and maximise the potential of their people.
  • Our services are founded upon DISC profiling and up-to-date research, but are developed and designed to address the specific needs of your company and your people.
  • In addition to our work with organisations, AMCT also provides private coaching for individuals seeking to overcome limits and achieve their fullest.
  • If you are looking to cultivate success, in your company or in yourself, then please get in touch by emailing

Further Information: