Barrio Digital Ltd is a management consultancy providing strategy and training services in Digital Marketing and Digital Transformation to organisations of all sizes.

The company was established in 2014 by Pilar Barrio, after having identified a gap in the digital marketing industry to offer strategic and pragmatic advice to start-ups and businesses in need of digital transformation; tapping into a requirement for clients to build internal digital capabilities.

Barrio Digital helps clients ‘do it themselves’ by uncovering opportunities collaborating with client teams, empowering individuals to drive change and giving them knowledge and tools to create digital strategies and action plans.

CPD activities

  • Digital Marketing Strategy

Who should attend?
This training caters to two different audiences:

  • Start-up teams who have started activating digital campaigns with relative success but they are missing a strategic approach to achieve results that go beyond awareness and have an effect on the bottom line.
  • Businesses that wish to take to transform their businesses to become more customer-centric and digitally-savvy, improving their relationships with agencies, partners and customers alike by better utilising the digital technologies and tools available to all of them.

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