Centaur Media PLC are a leading UK based business information and media group. They provide marketing and information solutions to buyers and sellers within several high value professional and commercial market communities. Their principal focus is on digital solutions, supported by a strong portfolio of events.

CPD activities

Annual events:

  • Employee Benefits Connect - 1st March 2017
  • Corporate Adviser Summit
  • Money Marketing in Focus: An Independent Review of Pensions, Tax and Income
    • This event provides financial advisers with opportunities for personal and business development, to learn and share best practices in retirement and tax-efficient¬†planning. The conference explores the latest policies and intiatives, with management-level talks around new strategies to build into business models.¬† The agenda is designed to allow the time to engage in discussions with professionals and make valuable business connections:
      • Bristol
      • Birmingham
      • ¬†London
  • In-House Counsel as Business Partner
  • Data Storytelling
  • The Forum for Expatriate Management APAC Summit
  • Get with the Programmatic
  • Insight Show
  • Money Marketing Interactive - 18th May 2017
  • Business Travel Show
    • Pre-Show Conference - 21st February 2017
    • Business Travel Show, Day 1 - 22nd February 2017
    • Business Travel Show, Day 2 - 23rd February 2017
  • General Counsel Strategy Summit
  • Mortgage Strategy Leaders Forum
  • D2C & Digital Investing 2017
  • Business Leadership Summit
  • Money Marketing Retirement Strategy Summit
  • Adviser Market: Size and Structure (Advisers)
  • Platforum Webinar
  • Money Marketing Interactive - 14th September 2017
  • Festival of Marketing
  • Managing Risk and Litigation
  • Money Marketing in Focus
  • GDPR Essentials
  • Drafting Contracts
  • Celebrity Engagement etc
  • Learning to Fly
  • FEM EMEA Summit
  • Business Travel Show
  • Money Marketing Interactive London
  • In-house Financial Services Conference

Who should attend?
The specific professionals these events are delivered to include:

  • Business Owners
  • Marketing Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • HR Professionals
  • Financial Events

Further Information: