The Centre for Mindfulness (Singapore) provides Mindfulness Training for the General Public, Corporates and Schools.

Apart from being Mindfulness practitioners and teachers with over 35 years of combined practice and experience, our unique team bring years of experience in Leadership Development, Organisational Development, Psychology, Education and Yoga.

We offer you a full range of mindfulness courses, events and talks. We provide certification in (1) Mindfulness Teachers Training and (2) Mindfulness based Psychotherapy. We have also offer a 8 week mindfulness programme called Mindfulness-Based Wellbeing Enhancement (MBWE), Mindfulness-Based Leadership and Mindfulness at Work, Mindful Education among other programmes.

CPD activities

  • Mindfulness Teacher Certification Programme

Who should attend?

  • 1) Mindfulness Teacher Training Certification: Mindfulness practitioners who wish to become teachers and facilitators of mindfulness.
  • 2) Mindfulness-Based Counselling and Psychotherapy Training Certification: Those with counselling, psychology or psychotherapy qualifications and who are interested in using mindfulness as complementary therapy with their clients.
  • 3) Mindfulness-Based Wellbeing Enhancement (MBWE): General public who want to enhance their wellbeing using mindfulness.
  • 4) Mindfulness-Based Leadership: Leaders and managers who wish to lead using the practices and wisdom of mindfulness for better performance.
  • 5) Mindfulness at Work for Performance & Wellbeing: Employees who wish to practice mindfulness at work to manage stress, improve attention, focus and productivity.

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