We are an independent training provider specialising in the design and delivery of creative solutions to workplace training and learning needs.

Our expertise and interests lie in the realms of human services, human resources, policy and practice, leadership and management, and learning and development.

Changing Mindz courses are interactive affairs, with a strong emphasis on active participation, collaboration and the transfer of learning, from the “classroom” back on the job.

The courses are set within blended learning programmes that involve pre-course engagement and opportunities for continuing collaboration with course peers and the course trainers, for a 13 week period post-course with access to our online Participant Forum and Learning Management System (LMS)

With plenty of encouragement to go the extra mile and extract maximum benefit from the programmes, our aim is to support participants to apply, adapt and improve back on the job, where it really matters.

We have three course categories;

  • Training and Facilitation Excellence (TFE) programmes for trainers, facilitators and coaches seeking to build capability, resourcefulness and confidence as people developers.  
  • Leadership in Management (LM) programmes for people managers, team leaders and supervisors, addressing pressing issues in the workplace.
  • Practice Matters (PM) short courses and programmes for professionals and practitioners in human services, including health & social care, further and higher education…

Our programmes can be tailored for in-house delivery.

Changing Mindz was established in 2007.

We are based in Edinburgh, Scotland.



CPD activities

Managing Mental Health at Work (code MH01)

The MH01 course aims to equip people managers with knowledge, skills and strategies for promoting wellbeing and supporting staff with stress, anxiety, depression or other mental health problems, and the confidence to lead real change back in the workplace, starting with their own team, where they can make the biggest difference.

Relationships for Effective Leadership (code LMT01)

This two-day course is aimed at those in “people management positions” or in leadership roles who want to further develop their potential.

At the heart of this course lies a participative, narrative learning approach and the facilitation of constructive and an appreciative analysis of roles and relationships. Activity on the courses provides exploration of how these roles and relationships impact on leadership effectiveness, function and a leader’s sense of self-worth and wellbeing.

The course explores ways of managing interactions in the workplace that can enhance relationships and improve wellbeing, increase leadership efficacy and enhance productivity.

Introduction to Facilitation Skills (code FS01)

Facilitation is literally the ability to make it easier. The essential skills of effective facilitators have many tangible applications in the workplace and in life…

The two day course is a practical introduction to core facilitation skills, how groups form, and the role of the facilitator in assisting groups to working well together (perform) with a firm focus on the end in mind (i.e. the desired outcomes).

Learning and Development Skills for Professional People (code PS01)

It wasn’t so very long ago that training, facilitation and coaching (each being a discipline in its own right) skills were seen to be the preserve of the Specialist. But the times they are a changing…

Increasingly, professionals are expected to be able to turn their hand to presenting, facilitating, training or coaching, either as an extension to their primary role. Some rise brilliantly to the challenge, for others it may be more of an ordeal.

The PS01 programme was designed for professionals who have a secondary role as trainer or facilitator, coach or mentor, and who wish to Boost their Capability and Confidence as people and organisational developers.

Managing Professional Boundaries in Student Support (code MPBss01)

Wellbeing, Mental Health and Stress (code MH03)

Equality and Diversity Plus

Who should attend?
Our CPD programmes have wide applicability as the knowledge, understanding and skills are reflective of values, principles, practices and codes (of conduct, ethics) that will be familiar to the people-facing professions.

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