CLICK specialises in the design and delivery of bespoke, interactive, experiential learning programmes for soft skills (eg. presentations, networking, interview skills), and business skills (eg. conducting appraisals, recruitment, difficult conversations) in organisational and educational settings. Delegates practice, receive feedback and reflect on their performance in supportive surroundings. What makes us unique is our academic content, combined with our interactive approach to delivery and reflection. Current clients include Universities, Public Sector Organisations, Local Businesses, Theatre Groups, Guide Groups, Schools, and private clients.

CPD activities

  • Personal Development Programme: A series of 12 x 3 hour masterclasses comprising practical and interactive training on the key skills that underpin every profession (eg. communication, time management, conflict resolution, networking). Currently aimed at University Students* (Undergraduate to PhD), these sessions will offer the skills that employers look for in graduates, and are wholly engaging and effective for self-development.

*However, we are able to tailor all sessions towards the working professional sector.

  • Practical Business Masterclasses:  A series of 12 x 2 hour workshops offering delegates an opportunity to explore, receive feedback and reflect on how they might deal with the fundamentals of business interactions in practice (eg. appraisals, recruitment, difficult conversations).  This programme is tailored for already in management (including “day release/part time” Masters and PhD students), although we have found that University undergraduates have also gained much from the experience.


  • Team Trials (Escape Room and Debrief Corporate Package): If you are looking for an unusual way to level up your training events CLICK is delighted to be working with selected ESCAPE ROOM partners to offer a 3 hour teambuilding experience.  Teams have 60 minutes to solve puzzles and riddles and escape the room – following which we offer (with your permission) a Video Interaction Guidance debrief reflecting on your performance, teamwork and communication strategies.  We focus on generating solutions and overcoming problems that you face in the workplace, and how your experiences of the day can contribute to better and brighter organisational success.

Team Trials is also offered in Berlin, through Pfeffermind GmbH who run “Mission Accepted de”:

as well as in Munich, Essen, and Interlaken through "":

and may also be delivered as a tabletop version:

Other Courses include

  • Hard Facts about Soft Skills - An interactive session aimed at University graduates and New Managers, focusing on the importance of emotional intelligence.
  • Beating Achilles  - Our Mindfulness programme including exercises and practice, as well as self reflection.

Audrey Tang is an accredited speaker who works with CLICK

Who should attend?

  • Personal Development Masterclasses: This course is aimed at university students from Undergraduate to PhD level, although new managers may also benefit from attending.
  • Practical Business Masterclasses: This course is aimed at Managers from new to middle level, or those wanting a refresher.
  • Team Trials: This is suitable for anyone working within a team!  We have found that executives at the highest levels have found this course enjoyable, effective and helpful.

Further Information: