CS-BCoaching offers a unique blend of positive and enthusiastic Coaching, NLP and Mindfulness, to provide an alternative, practical approach to personal development. CS-BCoaching aims to nurture each client towards self-sufficiency, delivering the confidence and the tools to nurture your personal and professional life in a manner that best reflects your desired results.

Colin Symington-Bailey, founder of CS-BCoaching.com, is a professional confidence coach and NLP practitioner specialising in personal transformation and wellbeing.

Incorporating Coaching, NLP, Mindfulness, Psychology, and Nutrition and Health; coupled with extensive managerial experience – delivering award-winning customer service – Colin is a catalyst for positive, meaningful holistic life transformation.

CPD activities

  • Personal Performance
  • Confidence
  • Team building / Leadership
  • Customer service / Sales
  • NLP
  • Behavioural Coaching
  • Confidence Coaching
  • Nutrition and Health

Who should attend?
Are you looking to fulfil your true potential? Do you crave a fast-paced, effective, and proven opportunity to accelerate your success? Are you committed to take the necessary action to fast-track your results? Are you looking for a no-nonsense approach to goal setting and goal getting? Then CS-BCoaching is for you! Coaching is not a “One size fits all” package – each course will be personally tailored to meet your individual requirements. The courses hold relevance for anyone of any standing, seeking to enhance their confidence, motivation and quality of life –whether it be on a personal or on a professional level. Personal development, alongside team building, leadership and work-life balance are merely a few examples of the courses that we offer. At CS-BCoaching, they believe that self-development is not a destination – it’s a wondrous journey…

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