CulturePro Consulting is based in Brighton, UK, and it specialises in solving interpersonal challenges in multicultural organisations using the practicality of DISC model with intercultural expertise.

Intercultural DISC combines proven, scientific foundation with practical innovation to be able to give you only what works instead of bombarding you with a large amount of dry data.

Their clients are companies wanting to maximise profitability through excellence in customer and employee satisfaction by developing outstanding intercultural communication and leadership skills.

CulturePro Consulting is a licensed partner of itim International, the experts in national and organisational culture.

CPD activities

  • Intercultural DISC – International business communication and management through multicultural adaptability - developing the skills to UNDERSTAND, LEAD and SERVE people across borders

Who should attend?
There are two sectors:

  1. Leaders, business people who need to be able to manage and negotiate with people efficiently from different cultural backgrounds to maximise profitability through understanding and avoid loss due to avoidable mistakes
  2. Customer-facing employees dealing with a diverse clientele on a high level in a fast-paced environment where the quality of service determines the level of success and income

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