Every year Dale Howarth presents his educational, thought provoking and motivational seminars, lectures and presentations to thousands of people from companies and within academic institutions and associations across the UK, Mainland Europe and North America.

His practical, thought-provoking and motivational sessions deliver key business lessons to drive an individual’s success and overcome personal barriers. Each lesson supported by case studies and research that can be adapted to suit any sector and audience, business need or session duration – ensuring the message is always on target, relevant and fully engaging for any audience.

CPD activities

Using his extensive practical knowledge, experience and insight Dale focusses on key elements that underpin successful business development. These are delivered through his much sought after presentations, which include:

  • ‘Turning Customers into Gold’
  • ‘Why are we in business?’
  • ‘Practical Lessons for Better Business’
  • ‘Make it Happen’
  • ‘Business Success in the Age of Less’
  • ‘Why Businesses Fail’
  • ‘Does your message suit your customers?

Each seminar, presentation or lecture works to challenge the myths and conventions that inhibit many from taking full advantage of the real opportunity that exists in these economically uncertain and increasingly competitive times.

Enabling individuals to deliver personal success and outstanding results - irrespective of industry sector and organisation size. An approach also reflected in Dale’s role as a successful business mentor, consultant and writer.

Who should attend?
Dale’s more unique approach and delivery makes his seminars, lectures and presentations relevant to almost any audience and individual, such as:

  • Associations looking to add high-value and motivational content to members at conferences, member events and through educational workshops.
  • Universities and Colleges looking to add a ‘real-world’ perspective and added value to course programmes.
  • Companies looking to overcome specific barriers or meet new challenges across their teams.
  • Individuals looking to fill-in knowledge gaps and expand understanding.
  • Any professional with a keen interest in improving or accelerating their organisations success.
  • Those looking for new ideas across sales, marketing and customer services.

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