The East London Mosque & London Muslim Centre is in the heart of Tower Hamlets, a diverse borough with a rich history, and home to the UK’s largest Muslim community. It is their belief that our primary concern should be to serve the needs of the local community and to work towards the common good.

The Centre offers a range of services that enable young people and women to engage in a positive and safe environment. They have one of the youngest congregations in the UK, with increasing numbers of youth actively engaging in programmes of learning and recreation, dealing with issues of anti-social behaviour, drugs, extremism and gang culture.

They enjoy excellent interfaith relations – their centre is physically joined to the neighbouring synagogue – and the strength of these relationships has stood us all in good stead during the difficulties of recent years.

CPD activities

Cultural & Diversity Courses;

  • Islam Awareness
  • Discover the Qur’an
  • Mosque Visit & Tour Course
  • Muslim Orientation Course

Who should attend?

  • Doctors & Nurses
  • Social Workers
  • Health workers
  • Case workers
  • Outreach and diversity officers
  • Senior Managers
  • Directors & CEO’s
  • NGO Staff
  • Charity workers
  • Aid workers / Humanitarian
  • Police, Ambulance & Fire Officers

Further Information: