Specialising in juvenile firesetting behaviour, fabtic delivers training, case supervision and consultancy services to all organisations working with at-risk children and young people.  Since its launch in 2013, fabtic has worked with the majority of UK fire and rescue services, and delivered training to staff from forensic psychology, mental health, social services, youth offending, education and the police (in the UK and the US). fabtic places the child at the centre of its work and is passionate about equipping practitioners with the skills to be as safe and effective as possible when directly working with vulnerable children and their families.

CPD activities

  • Foundation training for staff working with children and adolescents who set fires
  • Report writing in the multi-agency setting
  • Understanding ADHD and ASD when working with children and families
  • Enhanced problem-solving when working with anti-social adolescents
  • Pro-Social Modelling when working with anti-social, in-voluntary and resistant clients

Who should attend?
fabtic courses are relevant to staff from fire and rescue services, forensic psychology, youth offending, mental health, social services, fostering and adoption agencies, probation, education, the police and secure units.

Further Information: