Squared Online is a ground-breaking digital marketing course powered by Avado and created by Google. Taught fully online over seven months, the course is designed to develop high calibre digital talent and leadership.

Avado is the UK’s largest online business college and has been running courses for over 20 years, with over 20,000 active students working towards professional qualifications.

Endorsed by the IAB and the IPA, and created in consultation with the wider marketing community, Squared Online is designed to equip future leaders with the tools and mindset to embrace emerging digital opportunities.

Squared is about combining disciplines and working collaboratively to solve problems in order to challenge the status quo and provide students with a unique personal development opportunity.

CPD activities

  • Squared Online Certificate in Digital Marketing

Who should attend?
The Squared Online Certificate in Digital Marketing is designed for people who are either new to the marketing and advertising industry, or who are working in the industry and want to develop their digital expertise and mindset. Current participants range from mid-level managers to start up founders, department heads, account executives and marketing graduates.

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