GoProposal is a pricing, proposal and letter of engagement tool, enabling accounting
businesses to price their services consistently, agree on fees collaboratively & manage the
scope continually.

James Ashford, the teacher, helps accountants to price consistently sell more confidently &
grow more profitably. He’s achieved this in his own firm – MAP (based in Manchester) –
where alongside Founder Paul Barnes, they first developed GoProposal & implemented a
sales culture to ensure they were maximising the value of their clients. James now helps
thousands of accountants & bookkeepers around the world to achieve the same through his
software – GoProposal – his philosophies, strategies, videos, books & keynote talks.

CPD activities

  • The Art of Pricing and Selling to Serve, taught by James Ashford
  • Bridge the Compliance GAP - Oversuite Masterclass

Who should attend?
Applicable to all accountancy business owners and their teams

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