Founded all the way back in 1898, Hope Education supplies a wide variety of resources that inspire and educate children across every area of the revised curriculum. With over 100 years of knowledge and experience, we are the leading supplier of educational resources in the UK.

Hope Education are committed to providing a wealth of teaching materials to support teachers, all delivered at unbeatable prices. In 2013, we partnered with educational resource brands, NES Arnold, Galt Education, Step by Step and Philip and Tacey.

Through our commitment to customer service, Hope Education has received three prestigious awards over a three year period. Providing an excellent level of support for pupils and teachers across a variety of school-wide topics is not only our strength, but a mission we strive to continually deliver. We really do put education at the heart of everything we do.

CPD activities

  • Decimals & Fractions for Primary KS2

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