The Adult-Child Well-Being ‘I Matter’ Project  (I Matter Training Ltd) provides face to face and online training for professionals and parents of children with complex needs or those presenting with challenging behaviour or mental health difficulties.

As CPD, the core courses are suitable for professionals working in health, education or social care. The courses provide an integrated back to basics framework for practice based on an understanding of stress states, child development, brain development and the adult role so that professionals and parents can work together in a more informed and more effective fashion.

Dr Cathy Betoin is a practising clinical psychologist, an experienced teacher and a parent.

CPD activities

  • Confusion to Clarity
  • Watching Affectionately
  • Thinking Developmentally
  • Nuturing Growth
  • I Matter Getting Started Workshop


Who should attend?
These courses are suitable for professionals with different levels of experience who work with children of all ages and their families in education, health, or social care settings.    The training equips professionals to better understand and work effectively with the complex child and family.   For those interested in developing work with parents we are developing a focused intervention for parents of children presenting with challenging behaviour.  In this case the training is provided to parents with the support of approved study support professionals under a Lead Professional.  The framework is intended to support improvements in joined up multi-agency practices around escalated challenging behaviour.

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