We are a training company that prides itself on producing person-centred training. We offer off-the-shelf and bespoke courses that include cutting edge social work methodologies from Europe and elsewhere.

Our philosophy is based on a holistic, systemic understandings of how training can impact on service delivery and how that can improve service-user’s outcomes

CPD activities

  • Introduction to Social Pedagogy
  • Critical Thinking and Reflective Practice
  • Safeguarding Adults & Children
  • Risk Assessment
  • Restorative Approach

Who should attend?
The courses we have developed are structured for many service-user groups in the social work and care fields. Our accredited courses are joined by a huge suite of other evidenced-based courses that we have created using cutting edge methodologies - that also reflect our adherence to the holistic, person-centred methodologies such as social pedagogy and systemic theory.

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