Innate Health is a non-profit organisation providing resources for families and individuals of all ages to learn about their own innate mental well-being.

Our offering is for anyone and everyone who is interested in realising their potential by tapping into their own common sense and wisdom.

We provide a novel education about the human experience that explains the underlying nature of your psychology. Peace of mind and emotional resilience are built into our psychological DNA.

If you understand the nature of the mind, you will instantly learn about the nature of thought. Thought is the missing link that opens the gateway to deeper, more secure relationships. We have discovered that in a “quiet mind” we are able to think clearly and access insight, while living in a really nice feeling. We are committed to help you whether you are looking for answers in your personal or family life, or at work. It doesn’t matter what you are up against or if you’re simply interested in learning something new.

We offer a range of learning opportunities, both in person and virtually, that aim to re-acquaint you with the childlike ease and presence that remains an unconditional part of your make-up, regardless of your background and circumstances.

Let us help you unlock your potential in all areas of your life.

CPD activities

  • Resilience Course - Foundation

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