Integrated Trauma Solutions Ltd provides cutting edge, professional, accredited education and training for working with complex trauma/PTSD and supporting the professionals within social care, charitable organisations and other service providers.

Founded in 2016 Integrated Trauma Solutions is a therapeutic centre of excellence, promoting RECOVERY rather than the management of trauma.

Our training has been adapted in response to the lived experience of trauma survivors and what contributed to their recovery. Therefore our approach is a unique blend of evidence based modalities to achieve strategic outcomes and enhance service delivery.

We work with: Children Social Care, Adult Social Care, Probation services, Sexual abuse services, Drug and Alcohol Services, Mental health services, The Royal Navy, Counsellors.

CPD activities

  • Understanding and Responding to Complex Trauma and PTSD in Young People

Who should attend?

  • Independent counsellors and therapists.
  • Anyone working within the field of:
  • Adult or child social care.
  • Mental health workers
  • Drug and alcohol workers.
  • Sexual abuse support workers.
  • Probation workers.

Further Information: