IMTA is on a mission to increase patient satisfaction and team communication by developing the soft skills, leadership skills and entrepreneurship of Doctors and their teams. Whether based in a public sector hospital or private practice, raising operational standards and levels of care matters.

They know excellent care creates loyal customers and referrals which in turn leads to operating a successful service, therefore it is important for all members of a team to be supported, encouraged and developed to be the best they can be; applying their strengths whilst building the weaknesses that are an essential part of their role.

CPD activities

  • Train the trainer for Doctors
  • Leadership and Management for the Medical Profession
  • Accounting & Finance for the Non Finance Practitioner
  • Professional Communication Skills with Patients for Doctors
  • Professional Communication Skills with Teams for Doctors
  • Customer Service Skills for  Customer Facing staff
  • Doctors Personal Effectiveness & Time Management
  • Building your Future Business
  • Successfully  Marketing your Business
  • Effective Teamwork
  • Effectively using the Human Resource management for Doctors
  • Ethics in Medical Clinic
  •  ROI Equals High Quality and  Standardisation
  • Leadership Skills for Nurses
  • Professional Communication Skills with Patients for Nurses
  • Professional Communication Skills with Teams for Nurses
  • Emotional Intelligence for Doctors
  • Presentation Skills for Medical Representatives
  • Medical Representative Skills
  • Veneers; from Preparation to Cementation

Who should attend?
The courses are aimed at a variety of personnel in the medical field including: Physicians / Dentists / Nurses / Pharmacists / Medical representatives / Managers / Customer facing staff working in primary healthcare or hospital. More details on which courses are available to each job role can be found at

Further Information: