The Keynote speaker Ltd is a training provider delivering professional and personalized public speaking and presentation skills courses and coaching.

Founded in 2016 and accredited with the CPDSO in same year, we are equipped to work with both large organisations and small businesses who need to improve and refine the way their companies are represented.

We also work with individuals who have a big event or speech to deliver, we will equip them with the confidence, skills and structure to be effective and memorable whilst achieving their objective.

Our trainers are vibrant and fun personalities with a lot of experience in public speaking and a real interest in helping people develop.

CPD activities

  • Principles Of Public Speaking (1 Day Course)

Training covering skills and techniques required to become an effective public speaker.  The level of training in this course is bespoke to the needs of delegates.  This ranges from covering some basics for new speakers to some advanced refinements for the more experienced presenters.

  • The Presentation Tool Kit (1 Day Course)

This course covers the construction of presentations and speech writing.  What to include to make it interesting, unique and enjoyable.  Then how to deliver with the right impact.

  • The Keynote Speaker (4 Day Course)

A comprehensive advanced public speaking course.

Who should attend?
This training is for anyone who needs to deliver presentations. Across the board in every business sector people need to deliver speeches/ presentations.  Regardless of topic or industry the aim is the same – deliver something that will have an impact on the audience. The Balance in this training is harnessing unique personalities whilst teaching fundamental principles that will make the speaker both authentic and engaging.

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