One MSL is a specialist training consultancy created from a vision to connect and up-skill the global Medical Scientific Liaison (MSL) and Medical Affairs community. One MSL has a core focus on driving standards of excellence. Our purpose is to support organizations to build best-in-class Medical Affairs Teams.

One MSL was founded in 2015 by Helen Kane through her belief in the value of the MSL, the wider Medical Affairs function and a passion for human growth and development.

One MSL has grown to be synonymous with MSL excellence and is the go-to-resource for the global MSL and Medical Affairs community.

CPD activities

  • Managing Individuals
  • Topic no.1: The Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Topic no.2: Medical Scientific Liaison (MSL) Onboarding
  • Topic no.3: MSL In-role Development
  • Topic no.4: Manager Onboarding
  • Topic no.5: Scientific Engagement
  • Topic no.6: The Changing Role of the MSL
  • Topic no.7: Cross Functional Working
  • Topic no.8: Coaching
  • Impactful Virtual Health Care Professional Engagement
  • Building a Team
  • How to Build Trust with your Stakeholder
  • Coaching
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Individual Development Planning
  • Insights (functional)
  • Introduction to Impactful Stakeholder Engagement
  • Introduction to Medical Affairs
  • Introduction to the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Management 101
  • MSL Activities and Values
  • Planning to Engage with your External Stakeholder
  • Patient Access to Unapproved Medicinal Drugs
  • The Drug and Product Lifestyle
  • The Role of the MSL

Who should attend?
These courses are aimed at individuals working within Medical Affairs within the Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology Industry.

Further Information: