“Speaking confidently in front of others opens doors you may not yet even know exist!”

Public Speaking enables you to:

– Inform people
– Motivate people
– Win over/persuade people
Being adept at speaking in public isn’t vital only for people who stand up and give presentations. It’s a necessary skill for anyone who has to communicate with others, be that in a professional, educational, group, media, sports, or social situation.

And good public speaking isn’t just about fine-tuning what you do at the front with a microphone. It is also about effective communication and presence in meetings. Great public speaking skills give you the edge over others – even in cases where they have more knowledge or a stronger message. If they don’t present as well as you do, you gain the advantage.

Our courses are created from a unique mix of expertise in business and media presenting/speaking, rather than just one or the other. This gives us the edge to help you have the edge – no matter what your requirement or motivation.

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CPD activities

  • Public Speaking & Presentation Skills – Standard Internal Interactive Group Training Package
  • Half day 1 to 1 Internal Executive Communication, Public Speaking Presentation skills
  • Public Speaking & Presentation skills Training Seminar
  • Public Speaking, Presentation skills, communication skills
  • Public Group 1 day public Speaking & Presentation Skills
  • Public half day 1 to 1 Public speaking & Presentation skills

Who should attend?
Examples have included Sales teams, staff who provide training, Management teams, Directors, CEO's etc., Graduates, Apprentices, and anyone else who has to participate in meetings, presentations, discussions, exhibitions/seminars, networking meetings, etc. Providing such training is seen as a very beneficial investment in people by both organisations and individuals, and is thus also often used as a motivator for members of the organisation at every level of the hierarchy.

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