PAMS Assessment Limited develops and sells the PAMS Assessment Manual Software for use by professionals working with vulnerable families. The PAMS Assessment provides professionals with a structured, practical approach to the assessment of parents and their children, many of whom are involved in Child Care Proceedings. Also, PAMS Assessment Limited provides PAMS training to professionals who can join a PAMS Open Workshop or they can commission PAMS in-house training for their organisation.  Dr. Sue McGaw, a clinical psychologist for over 25 years is the internationally renowned author of PAMS.  She updates PAMS periodically in accordance with the latest government guidelines on parenting.

CPD activities

  • PAMS 4.0  Introductory Workshop:       Online Video Training (3 mornings over 10 hours)
  • PAMS 4.0  Refresher Workshop:             Online Video Training (1 day over over 5 hours)
  • PAMS 4.0 Conversion Workshop:           Online Video Training
  • PAMS 4.0  Introductory Workshop:       Classroom Setting       (2 days over 11 hours)
  • PAMS 4.0  Refresher Workshop:             Classroom Setting        (1 day over 6.5 hours)
  • PAMS 4.0 Conversion Workshop:           Classroom Setting

Who should attend?
The PAMS PC software application and PAMS training workshops will be of interest to social workers, family support workers, psychologists, health visitors, midwives, solicitors, children’s guardians, family mediators, judges, magistrates.

Further Information: