PEEPLE are an early intervention charity set up in 1995.  We train practitioners working with families in group and home settings, particularly in the antenatal and Early Years sectors.

Using our manualised, evidence based programmes supports:

  • Parents and carers to improve their children’s life chances using reflective parenting skills, sharing everyday learning opportunities and building capacity through our accreditation pathways.
  • babies and children to make the most of their opportunities by becoming confident communicators and active learners ready for school;
  • practitioners to reflect on, enhance and develop their work

CPD activities

PEEP Antenatal Programme

Who should attend?

  • Who for: Practitioners working with parents during the antenatal and postnatal periods.
  • Essential entry requirements: experienced in working with families with young children; level 3+ in a relevant subject; access to regular supervision at work *.
* Supervision should provide a safe, supportive, non-threatening opportunity for practitioners to discuss and work on understanding group dynamics (including how the practitioner feels about the group), reflect on their practice, talk through challenges, identify development opportunities, share good practice, critically assess and adjust how the programme's core ideas are working etc. This course aims to build on the existing capacity of the PEEPLE programmes to support early learning and promote social inclusion (Evangelou et al., 2005; Street, 2009). It does this by engaging early with parents – during pregnancy – to help develop secure parent–infant attachment; based on and underpinned by the concept of Reflective Functioning (RF).

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