Pet Education and Training Services  (PETS UK)

PETS UK offers continuing professional development to the veterinary profession, pet professionals and those responsible for animal care.

PETS UK is an education provider set up by Caroline Clark, set up by a Qualified Veterinary Nurse/ Registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist.

With over 25 years of working in the veterinary industry and a professional teaching qualification, the Lead Tutor is able to deliver courses that integrate her personal experiences of working with animals.

As well as courses being available at various venues and times throughout the year, courses can also be held at your business or a venue of your choice.

CPD activities

  • First Aid for Pets (available Face-to-Face and Online)
    • Module 1: The Basic Principles Of First Aid & Health & Safety. Patient Assessment And Measuring Vital Signs.
    • Module 2: Dealing With First Aid Emergencies: Haemorrhage, Shock, Poisoning, Burns And Scalds
    • Module 3: Dealing With Emergencies: Carrying Out Cpr, Dealing With Fits & Recognising Pain
    • Module 4: Dealing With Burns, Scalds And Hyper/Hypothermia
    • Module 5: Dealing With First Aid Emergencies: Bloat, Vomiting, Diarrhoea And Electrical Shock
    • Module 6: Dealing With First Aid Emergencies: Sprains, Strains And Dislocations
  • Canine Health & Welfare - Common Conditions Affecting the Dog

Who should attend?
The first Aid for Pets course is suitable for the Pet Professional and those responsible for caring for animals. Examples include veterinary staff, groomers, dog handlers, those working in kennels/ catteries or animal sanctuaries, breeders, pet shop owners, hydrotherapists and animal behaviourists.The 3 hour accredited course involves learning how to respond to an animal first aid situation safely and includes demonstrations and hands-on content using mannequins.

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