Rogan Grant is an accredited speaker with the CPD Standards Office.

Positive Inspiration Natural Health CIC is a community interest non-profit company that supports those affected by Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) within the Edinburgh and Borders areas. We offer various Natural and Complimentary Therapies and Advice to benefit the health in both physical and psychological areas by giving information on what is beneficial to lifestyle and workplace environments.
Our lead practitioner Rogan Grant is CNHC registered, GHR certified as a practitioner and Supervisor and personally CPD accredited to offer talks and seminars on our services, and treatments. We offer: Hypnotherapy/NLP, Psychotherapy, EFT, CBT, Nutritional Advice, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture/Acupressure and Motivation/Lifestyle Advice.

CPD activities

Rogan Grant is accredited as a CPD speaker, his talks include:

Acquired Brain Injury – Understanding Natural Health Benefits
Hypnosis and Acquired Brain Injury

Natural and Complimentary Health and its benefits
A healthy body starts with a healthy mind
Introduction to Self Hypnosis, Mindfulness and Meditation
Learning to Relax: Body and Mind
ErgoDynamics – A Healthier look at works practices
Understanding Modalities of Communication
Pain Management
Insomnia and Sleep Management Techniques

Who should attend?
Our services cover an individual and groups from all areas, whether at home, or at work, at a personal or professional level. Our talks can be given at work to Management and Employees, to social groups, peers support groups and for areas of training within standard inductions or new development programmes.

Further Information: