Prudence College Dublin is an independent academic institute registered in 2018 in Ireland. It firmly recognizes education systems that are conducive to wisdom and innovation to bring brilliant success to its students.

Its vision is to get recognition as an academic center of excellence in Europe by attracting talented students; and providing advanced education and training to satisfy present and the future global needs.

It has four schools: (i) Business and Management, (ii) Coding and Computing, (iii) Applied Sciences and Technology, and (iv) Languages and Culture.

The College is committed to deliver world-class accredited professional and academic programmes/courses (NFQ levels 5 and 6) using both Face-to-Face and Virtual (Interactive-Real Time) classroom methodologies.

CPD activities

Currently, Prudence College is offering academic/professional courses (Level 5 and 6) accredited by CPD Standards Office (CPD provider: 22170) include:

  1. Accounting and Finance
  2. Blockchain for Everyone
  3. Machine Learning with Python
  4. .NET Programming for Everyone
  5. Scientific Data Handling and Programming

These include General and Business English and some more in-demand job-oriented courses (Levels 5,6, 7 and 9) under the four schools will be available shortly.

Who should attend?
The courses of Prudence College are designed so that students (Beginner to Intermediate levels) can develop 21st century skills in various disciplines i.e. business, computing, and applied sci-tech to fill the gaps in-demand all over the world. The sectors include for example business, corporate, industries, financial institutes, ICT, data industries, educational and research institutes, state and local governments, and other enterprises. The target groups include students (mostly above 16 years old), professionals, scientists, academics, and entrepreneurs to learn and apply the knowledge and skills gained at workplaces.

Further Information: