Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement, Global is a not-for-profit, autonomous, non-religious and voluntary movement. Our goal is to work at the grassroots to promote the message of Meditation, Plant-Based Diet, Pyramid Energy and Spiritual Science to replicate the successful ‘peace, compassion and harmony’ model of PSSM, globally.

Pyramid Spiritual Societies Global Academy is a wing of PSSM Global dedicated to bring the wisdom of all pyramid masters and patriji to create personal transformation leading to global transformation.

CPD activities

  • Conscious Teachers Training Reinvent Yourself A Certified Pyramid Mediation Course

Who should attend?
Everyone who would like to learn pyramid meditation and become a PSSM teacher can join the courses. The events are for all age groups, gender and race who are interested in learning spiritual science, meditation, pyramid energy and plant based food living.

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