Ramadan Nafae (individual)

Emeritus pulmonary medicine professor at Zagazig University, Egypt

Ex-president of pulmonary medicine department

Ex- president of the Egyptian Scientific committee

Editor and reviewer for many Egyptian journals

Sharing in edition of many scientific published papers, Egyptian guidelines, books.

External and internal reviewer of undergraduates and post graduates (MSc, MD) Curriculums.

For this conference we are in collaboration with the Egyptian Society Of Chest Diseases And Tuberculosis (ESCT) ; the mother society of  all pulmonary medicine activities in Egypt –to promote

  • professional development in the field of pulmonary  medicine,
  • maintain updating of knowledge,
  • Implementing basis of scientific research.

CPD activities

  • The 8th Annual International Pulmo-Delta (PD 8) Conference of the Egyptian Society of Chest Diseases and Tuberculosis (ESCT)

Who should attend?
The target audience of the conference:

  • Pulmonary medicine physician, specialists and consultants.
  • Pulmonary medicine professors, associate professors, and young universities staff.
  • Cardio-thoracic surgeons
  • ICU specialists
“The conference will update your knowledge and medical skills in dealing with clinical problems. The workshops will improve your Rrespiratory ICU and fiberoptic skills.”

Further Information: