SimplyHormones offers a unique programme specialising in solutions for coping with menopause in the workplace; benefits health and wellbeing, equality and diversity as well as health and safety.

Hormonal changes of menopause are surrounded by myth and misunderstanding. Peri-menopause is affecting women from 45+ and everyone is in ignorance. Thirteen million women in the UK are going through menopause. 7/10 will experience debilitating symptoms. That’s around 9million valuable women!

Their programme consists of combined learning both online and live workshops, providing solutions for women, HOD’s, Line Managers and The Board/Partners; the fiscal benefit and development/retention of real talent will cost-effectively bring about a much-valued uplift in organisation performance and loyalty.

CPD activities

SimplyHormones offers a wide range of events and courses:

  • Taster Sessions: Making Sense of Menopause
  • Women Only Workshops
  • HR and Occupational Health 1-day Workshop
  • One-to-one Consultations
  • Master Classes
  • Online Courses

The online course, How to Survive Menopause without Losing your Mind, works on many different levels. The programme is in six parts; each one addressing a different angle to your symptoms, such as depression, weight gain, loss of libido (you don’t want sex anymore) and so much more.

There is also a book available, ‘How to Survive Menopause Without Losing Your Mind’ by Kathryn Colas. This has been written to complement the course.

A new course for Line Managers will be available in 2020.

Who should attend?
Menopause in the Workplace applies to all areas of industry and commerce, private and public sectors:

  1. Initial workshop presentation is aimed at the Board or Partner level - understanding the importance of recognition and support – Fiscal and emotional
  2. 2nd stage is a workshop to specific age group: women aged 45 – 55 – Interactive discussions around symptoms and how to recognise and cope in the workplace
  3. 3rd stage is a workshop to HOD’s and Line Managers – mixed gender, non-age specific – training for better understanding of hormonal health in the workplace – a general overview of what to expect and how to support
  4. Assisting the workplace to create menopause forum – training a Champion in the workplace

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