Founded in 2012 and based at the University of Sussex, SLC is the UK’s leading provider of English language training to the global healthcare sector.

SLC trains thousands of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals every year to pass the OET and IELTS tests so they can register in the UK, Ireland, Australia and elsewhere.

SLC’s accredited digital Medical English, OET and IELTS preparation materials are used by universities, schools and teachers around the world to support the language development of students across the healthcare sector.

Clients include NHS England, Health Education England, many NHS Trusts, private healthcare groups, international healthcare recruitment companies and international medical universities and nursing colleges.

CPD activities

  • English for Doctors (100 hours)
  • English for Nurses (100 hours)
  • English for Care (60 hours)
  • English for Safe and Effective Communication in Upstream Oil & Gas Operations
  • English for Medical Academic Purposes (50 hours)
  • Medical Terminology (30 hours)
  • English for Radiography (30 hours)
  • Reach OET B Medicine (60 hours)
  • Reach OET B Nursing (60 hours)
  • English for Doctors: Clinical Communication (25 hours)
  • Essential Grammar for Healthcare

Who should attend?
The courses are for international healthcare students and professionals who want to develop their English language skills so they can study, research and work in English, enabling them to fully engage in the global healthcare community.

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