Sphere Medical Ltd. is an innovative medical technology company based close to Cambridge working in the field of blood gas analysis. In 2016 Sphere Medical will commercialise a new patient-dedicated blood gas analysis instrument for use in critical care and operating theatres. The ability to receive important clinical information on the status of the patient when they are at their sickest is vital to direct appropriate treatments and drug infusions. Sphere Medical is a rapidly growing company of 70 employees selling into the critical care segment of healthcare markets across western Europe.

CPD activities

Tight Glycaemic Control: How tight is tight?

Who should attend?

The course is for all grades of clinician, senior qualified nurses and critical care technologists. The target group will be from ICU and other critical care areas and Operating theatres. The course includes;
  • An update on the current thinking around glycaemic control with a presentation from a leading European expert in the field
  • A description of the different approaches to glycaemic control around the larger European countries a presentation on a time & motion study in blood gas analysis in a cardiac ICU

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